To Have and To Master Release Party and Contest


Following Playing Hard to Master and Finding Master Right, Sparrow Beckett delivers a seductive tale of surrendered innocence with this third novel in the Masters Unleashed series. 

Konstantin, a powerful Dominant, is used to fast living and wanton submissives. But after years of his grandmother haranguing him to marry, he agrees to meet a girl from her rural Russian village. Naturally submissive, Varushka turns out to be everything Konstantin wants in a woman.

At first her innocence is disturbing, but her enthusiasm for life captivates him. When their relationship becomes a mutual seduction, Konstantin introduces Varushka to wicked pleasures she never imagined. His attentive care wins her absolute devotion. However, when Varushka’s father finds out about Konstantin’s past, he whisks her back home to Russia.

Will Konstantin fight to reclaim her, or will his guilt convince him to relinquish the only woman he’s ever loved?

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From Sparrow Beckett: We picked this excerpt because we wanted to bring awareness to a worthy cause we, personally, are donating to on release day. Even a small amount of money can help send much needed supplies to third world countries, including farm animals (goats and chickens), that can make the difference between life and death to a village or family who needs it. If you read the excerpt, you’ll see how it inspired us to donate a goat and two chickens via World Vision.

Here’s what happens when Konstantin goes away on a short business trip and leaves his rural girl home alone with his credit card.

He wandered into the backyard, on the off chance that she was out enjoying the mild weather. A mug of tea sat next to one of the lounges on the deck. He felt like he was tracking her. What did he get to do to her when he captured her?

When he stood still on the steps leading down to the lawn, he heard a noise that seemed familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Curious, he followed the sounds behind the stand of high, decorative hedges.

For a moment, all he could do was stand there and stare. Was The Twilight Zone airing an episode on the grounds of his estate?

Varushka, wearing one of her old dresses, her hair tied back in a kerchief, was on her hands and knees in the middle of a huge garden which had miraculously appeared in his absence. Not a decorative flower garden either. It looked like she was planning to supply vegetables to several of Everly’s homeless shelters single-handedly.

Behind her stood a wooden structure that hadn’t been there the last time he was on the grounds, and through the chicken wire, he could see . . . chickens. Actual fucking chickens in his motherfucking backyard. There was even a fenced off area where they could wander without danger from predators.

Anger tried to rear its head, since she’d basically destroyed the place without so much as a text asking for permission, or even a small hint that she was turning his yard into a fucking farm. But between the fact that he wanted her to feel like this was her home, and the fact that the situation was so absurd, he couldn’t be angry. He was too stunned.

She looked ridiculous and adorable and the only urge he had was to whisk her into his arms and swing her around.

“Varushka . . .” He made his way to her where she stood in the garden. “You’ve been busy.”

The girl whirled, eyes wide. She looked so sweet and girlish in the too-big dress, with wisps of red hair straggling out of her kerchief. Before he’d left, she’d begun to seem more worldly in the things he’d bought her, but he had to remember that she was still an innocent village girl. It wasn’t an illusion or a role-play.

“Konstantin, I thought you weren’t coming until tomorrow.” She rose, putting a self-conscious hand to her covered hair. She looked down at her dress and slapped some of the dirt off, but no amount of brushing was going to help. She needed a bath. And he wouldn’t mind giving her one.

The wall he’d decided to keep between them until he could be sure of her feelings melted on the spot. He stepped closer to her and brushed some dirt off her cheek, but more was smudged underneath. They stared at each other and attraction sizzled between them in the twilight.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught movement. One of her silly chickens was sneaking across the lawn like a feathered ninja.

“Is that one supposed to be loose?” He pointed at the thing.

She said something that sounded suspiciously like a Russian curse word, and snuck quietly toward the wayward bird. Her quarry, however, wasn’t stupid. It kept out of her way, and every time he thought she was going to outsmart it, the silly thing dodged. He moved in, and tried to shoo it toward her. It veered off, and he followed. This was harder than it looked.

Giving up on subterfuge, he lunged at it, and it flapped and went left. Varushka was there, but it scooted between her legs. She laughed, and gave chase, with Konstantin hard on her heels. It backtracked, and Varushka tripped over Kon’s foot then sprawled into some wet muck. He helped her up, and got splattered when she slipped. It was so completely ridiculous, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud.

As though it was mocking them, the hen scooted past. With a final burst of speed, Konstantin caught up with it. He grabbed it up and hauled it, flapping, to the coop, then released it into the fenced yard. Together, they looked over the structure but couldn’t figure out how the Houdini chicken had escaped.

Konstantin collapsed onto the ground, and laid with his arm over his eyes, laughing and trying to catch his breath. “Where did you get those crazy things?”

“A farmer called Malachi sold them to me. He’s a friend of Everly’s. They’re good laying hens.” She sounded defensive, so he grinned at her to let her know he was teasing. “They might be a little too smart.”

“At least it’s not goats.”

The girl settled next to him on the lawn, and leaned on him with a familiarity that warmed him. “No, not for two weeks. I have to build the pen first.”

He chuckled, then looked up at her when she didn’t laugh too.

Oh shit, she wasn’t joking.

“Goats, Varushka? There are laws here about keeping livestock. You can’t just have chickens and goats in our yard without making sure it’s allowed by the government.”

She nodded. “Yes, that’s what Everly told me. So she helped me call City Hall, and the nice man there told me that because we live so far away from the city, we are zoned for almost any kind of livestock. I will use the money you gave me for shopping for supplies, so you needn’t worry about me asking for more. And when the vegetables come, their harvest and sales will help pay for animal feed as well as feed us.” She smiled proudly.

That face. How could he ever say no to that face?

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Two writers in two countries transform into the super writing duo, Sparrow Beckett, each night after wrangling their housefuls of children and pets. They trade the cape and colorful tights for tattoos and cups of coffee then set out to create a world where readers fall in love with heroes and the women who willingly go to their knees for them. Their books are the products of two kinky minds who don’t take themselves too seriously.

They both write under other pen names as well. Sorcha Black (on the left) and Justice Serai (on the right).

Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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Cover Reveal: One Night in Vegas

ONiV Banner



One of the most exciting romance box sets of the year is here–for a very special pre-order price!

Six BRAND-NEW stories of desire. domination, passion, and life-changing love… What if…you had only one night to make your fantasies come true, and one place to do it in?

What if…that one place was the most stylish, exclusive hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada? The Nyte, Las Vegas’ newest and most stunning resort destination, is owned by the mysterious Mr. Nyte, committed to making every one of his guest’s fantasies come true.

Sinful possibilities…

A group of your favorite spicy romance authors have let their imaginations run wild inside this glittering, limitless world, imagining one night in which passion and love change people’s lives forever…

Winner Takes All by Mari Carr

Noah enters Food Fight, a new cooking competition show airingon the Food Network. When he makes it to the finals, he scores a trip to Vegasto compete. Problem is fellow finalist Hollie has captured his attention—in andout of the kitchen.

As the competition heats up, so does the sexualtension between Hollie and Noah. One night in Vegas, their simmeringneed explodes into full boil. But in this contest, winner takes all. Willthey choose fame over forever? Or will they claim an even bigger prize?

Stud Poker by Red Phoenix

Brad Anderson, newly appointed headmaster of the Submissive Training Center and cowboy at heart, is about to experience the mystery and magic of Vegas. He heads to the opulent Nyte hotel with his feisty companion, a furball named Cayenne, not knowing that a request for a simple massage will lead him into private game of stud poker.

In honoring his bet to scene with the shy redhead, Shey Allen, the handsome Dom will be risking far more than a sleepless night. Her big blue eyes have captured his heart—is it possible love is not far behind?

WILD Card by Angel Payne

White lace and promises…

Jen Thorne is more than ready to help her best friend tie the knot, sumptuous Vegas style—until she shows up at the rehearsal and catches sight of a surprise guest to the festivities. Sam Mackenna, a Scottish RAF pilot on loan to the Air Force for cross-training, has been the object of her secret erotic fantasies for months. But even with romance in the air, a hunk like him is hardly likely to choose a geek like her.

A kiss for luck…

When Sam and she are unexpectedly alone, the gray-eyed warrior entices Jen to share her deepest fantasies—then throws the wildest card of all into the mix. He wants to the chance to make as many of them come true before dawn’s light.

One night. The man of her dreams. A wild card worth playing, or an invitation to the biggest disaster of them all…

What if her heart gets shuffled into the deck?

Hard Hand by Sierra Cartwright

A daring adventure…

For years, Avery Fisher had been intrigued by the handsome, powerful Cole Stewart. Even though she’s fantasized about being beneath his lash, she’s never been brave enough to approach the renowned Dom.

But tonight, she’s hidden behind a mask at a glittery ball, and that gives her the confidence to be someone she’s not.

Cole would know Avery no matter how clever the disguise. Intrigued by her deception, he plays along, determined to give her exactly what she needs.

But at the end of the night, he will demand she reveal everything, not just her identity, but her true nature and the need for his dominance.

Sin City Submission by Jenna Jacob

For Quinn MacKinnon, playing with Ava Gibbs’s body is easy. Playing with his beautiful submissive’s mind will take far more patience and creativity. Gambling their future, he plots to test her limits, relishing the opportunity to push her harder than ever.

With one sexy dare after another, Quinn thrusts Ava into an extraordinary sensual journey. In a battle of wills, he wages a war for her heart. Can he persuade the strong-willed woman to surrender and become the submissive of his dreams?

No Lucky Number by Victoria Blue

Business trip or trip of a lifetime? Talia Perizkova has been working for this moment her entire career. Now, she finds herself sandwiched between two of the most eligible bachelors in the country and can barely focus on the task at hand. And that’s fine by Drake Newland and Fletcher Ford. They’ve been all business around the office, but when they get Talia to themselves off the clock, things really heat up.

Now if they can just convince her a three-way relationship could really fit into her world.Will Talia take a chance on her newly discovered feelings or is their weekend of passion destined to end them before they have a chance to begin?


Amazon US I Amazon UK I iBooks



Mari Carr

Writing a book was number one on Mari Carr’s bucket list and on her thirty-fourth birthday, she set out to see that goal achieved. Too many years later, her computer is jammed full of stories — novels, novellas, short stories and dead-ends and she has nearly eighty published works.

Virginia native and high school librarian by day, Mari Carr is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestseller of contemporary erotic romance novels.


Red Phoenix

Red Phoenix is an award-winning erotica author who gained popularity with her novel, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. She has won 5 reader choice awards for her various novels. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans.


Angel Payne

USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne has been reading and writing her entire life, though her love for romances began in junior high, when writing with friends on “swap stories” they’d trade between classes. Needless to say, those stories involved lots of angst, groping, drama, and gooey kissing.

She began getting a paycheck for her writing in her twenties, writing record reviews for a Beverly Hills-based dance music magazine. Some years, various entertainment industry gigs, and a number of years in the hospitality industry later, Angel returned to the thing she loves the most: creating character-based romantic fiction. Along the way, she also graduated with two degrees from Chapman University in Southern California, taking departmental honors for English, before writing five historical romances for Kensington and Bantam/Doubleday/Dell.

Angel found a true home in writing contemporary-based romances that feature high heat and high concepts, focusing on memorable alpha men and the women who tame them. She has numerous book series to her credit, including the Kinky Truth series, the Secrets of Stone series (with Victoria Blue), the W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series, and the acclaimedCimarron series. Temptation Court, a new series being launched through the Dark Nights Discovery project, debuts in 2016.

Angel still lives in Southern California, where she is married to her soul mate and lives on a street that looks like Brigadoon, with their awesome daughter and Lady Claire, the dog with impeccable manners. When not writing, she enjoys reading, pop culture, alt rock, cute shoes, enjoying the outdoors, and being a gym rat.


Sierra Cartwright

Winner of the 2013 Best BDSM Book of the Year award (Over The Line), the 2014 LASR Book of the Year award (In The Den), and the 2015 Golden Flogger (Crave), Sierra was born in Manchester, England where she spent her early years traipsing through castles. After living in Denver for a number of years, the internationally acclaimed author now calls Galveston, Texas, home. She loves the way history blends with Southern manners (being called “sugar” is an experience unto itself) and rich pirate lore.

She invites you to join her on a sensual journey where the limits are explored and expanded.


Jenna Jacob

Bestselling author, Jenna Jacob paints a canvas of passion, romance, and humor as her Alpha men and the feisty women who love them unravel their souls, heal their scars, and find a happy ever after kind of love. Heart-tugging, captivating, and steamy, Jenna’s books will surely leave you breathless and craving more.

A mom of four grown children, Jenna and her Alpha-Hunk-husband live in Kansas. She loves books, Harleys, music, and camping. Jenna’s zany sense of humor and lack of filter exemplify her motto: Live. Laugh. Love.

Meet her wild and wicked family in her sultry series: The Doms of Genesis. Or become spellbound by the searing love connection between Raine, Hammer, and Liam in her continuing saga: The Doms of Her Life (co-written with the amazing Shayla Black and Isabella La Pearl). Journey with couples struggling to resolve their pasts and heal their scars, to discover unbridled love and devotion in Jenna’s new contemporary series: Passionate Hearts.


Victoria Blue

Victoria Blue lives in her own portion of the galaxy known as Southern California. There she finds the love and life sustaining power of one amazing sun, two unique and awe inspiring planets and three indifferent, yet comforting moons. Life is fantastic and challenging and everyday brings new adventures to be discovered. She looks forward to seeing what’s next!



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Cover Reveal: Reaper’s Fire

reaper's fire

Are you ready for Gage and Tinker’s story?

Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooksNookKoboGoogle Play

Release Date: June 28th, 2016

New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the “wild and raw”* world of the Reapers MC with the story of Gage and Tinker…

The club comes first.

I’ve lived by those words my whole life—assumed I’d die by them, too, and I never had a problem with that. My Reaper brothers took my back and I took theirs and it was enough. Then I met her. Tinker Garrett. She’s beautiful, she’s loyal, and she works so damned hard it scares me sometimes . . . She deserves a good man—one better than me. I can’t take her yet because the club still needs me. There’s another woman, another job, another fight just ahead.

Now she’ll learn I’ve been lying to her all along. None of it’s real. Not my name, not my job, not even the clothes I wear. She thinks I’m nice. She pretends we’re just friends, that I’ve still got a soul . . . Mine’s been dead for years. Now I’m on fire for this woman, and a man can only burn for so long before he destroys everything around him.

I’m coming for you, Tinker.


joanna wylde

Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter |  Goodreads

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Review: Reaper’s Fall

reaper's fall cover Reaper’s Fall by Joanna Wylde

4 out of 5 Licks

He never meant to hurt her.

Levi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club. The day he patched in, they became his brothers and his life. All they asked in return was a strong arm and unconditional loyalty—a loyalty that’s tested when he’s caught and sentenced to prison for a crime committed on their behalf.

Melanie Tucker may have had a rough start, but along the way she’s learned to fight for her future. She’s escaped from hell and started a new life, yet every night she dreams of a biker whose touch she can’t forget. It all started out so innocently—just a series of letters to a lonely man in prison. Friendly. Harmless. Safe.

Now Painter Brooks is coming home… and Melanie’s about to learn that there’s no room for innocence in the Reapers MC.

The Reaper’s are back and it’s finally Painter’s turn!!  I’ve been waiting for this book for a while now and it definitely lived up to the expectations.  My favorite thing about this book is that it spans years.  Painter has a lot to atone for and I’m really glad the author didn’t write it as an instant fix.  As usual the hero is an ass hole. There is no getting around it, Painter is a jerk, but he really does love Melanie.  I really enjoyed watching their love/hate relationship evolve over the years.  The complication of having a baby added a lot of drama and a lot of fun to this book.  It did feel a bit slow at times but there is always something crazy coming around the corner the pick up the pace if you hit a slow patch.  The sex between these two was crazy hot too.  With so many strong emotions between these two there couldn’t be anything else.  If you haven’t read this series yet…WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR???  I love this series so much and I can’t wait for more.       

Buy it from Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes


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New Release: Banged

Banged BannerBanged

Add to Goodreads


For a limited time only get 8 tales of hard-rocking, hard-loving, bad boys in one exclusive package. From the stage to the bedroom, these ROCK STARS are out to steal the show and your heart.

LUST’S RHYTHM (Heart of Fame) by Award winning author Lexxie Couper ~ She’s the daughter of rock royalty. He’s been warned off her by her famous father. But Jed Brody has lusted after Chloe Blackthorne for four years, and when Chloe lets him know the lust is entirely mutual, nothing will stop the bad boy of rock claiming her as his. Career be damned.

THE ROCK STAR’S SECRET BABY (Ballybeg Bad Boys) by USA Today bestselling author Zara Keane ~ When a beautiful former fling blasts back into his life, jaded rock star Darko Dunne’s peaceful seclusion on a private island comes to an explosive end. Faced with a band of ruthless criminals and a ticking clock, Darko and Muireann must pool their resources to rescue the baby he never knew he had.
Teaser 3THREE NIGHTS WITH A ROCK STAR (Half-Life) by USA Today bestselling authors Amber Lin and Shari Slade ~ Sparks fly when a hot rocker takes a good girl for a walk on the wild side…against the penthouse window, backstage, in the limo and on the elevator.

FORBIDDEN ROCK STAR (Red Hot Rock Rhapsodies) by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Madelynne Ellis ~ Nathaniel Darke: She knows just how to press all my buttons. Bass-playing bitch, crawling under my skin. I want to believe one good shag will cure me of her. But instead, I end up addicted.

Teaser 1PAINKILLER (First Hit) by USA Today bestselling authors Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott ~ He’s the rockstar she doesn’t recognize. She’s the fighter he’ll never forget. Nothing stings as much as the first hit…or hurts so good.

DIRTY (The Horus Group) by USA Today bestselling author Ainsley Booth ~ Wilson: Tabitha Leyton is a mess, but now she’s my mess. To the rest of the world, she’s a superstar. Secretly, she’s a witness to depravity and a train wreck waiting to happen. But I can’t get her out of my head. And for one angry, secret night, we have each other in every imaginable way. The whole time, I know she’s off-limits. So in the morning, I’ll walk away. Officially.
Teaser 2MORE THAN MUSIC (Chasing the Dream) by Elizabeth Briggs ~ When geeky guitarist Maddie Taylor joins tattooed rock star Jared Cross’s band to compete on a reality TV show, their attraction becomes impossible to resist—but their forbidden romance might tear their band apart and cost them everything.

Buy Links

BUY NOW FOR JUST $.99!!!!!



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Reaper’s Fall Is Almost Here!!

reapers excerpt reveal

I’m so excited to tell you that Reaper’s Fall is almost here.  I’ve read it already (review coming soon) and it is amazing.  Go preorder it now so you don’t forget on release day.  Check out the excerpt below and tell me you don’t want this book!  I dare you! ;)

reaper's fall teaser 4

“You’re not going back to the party.”

She cocked her head, and I saw the confusion in her alcohol- glazed eyes as she wrinkled her nose at me. All cute, like a rabbit.

“You look like a bunny.”

“You look like an ax murder,” she said, frowning. “And I thought London was looking for me. Aren’t we going the wrong way?”

“I lied. I do that a lot,” I told her, staring at her lips. I reached out, catching her chin in my hand, running my thumb across her lips. Our eyes locked, and I don’t know if her pulse started to rise but mine sure as fuck did. What the hell had I been thinking, writing to this girl? She was so pretty and perfect and had this amazing, magical life just waiting for her and all I could think about was dragging her down into the dirt and shoving my cock into every hole she had.

She’d scream while I did it, too, the same sweet screams that played in my head every night while I jacked off.

I hated myself.

“Why did you lie?” she asked, her voice a whisper.

“To get you away from Taz. It’s not safe with him.”

Mel’s forehead creased in confusion, her brain moving so slowly I could practically see the wheels turning behind her eyes. She might be smart as fuck most of the time, but she’d transitioned to drunker than fuck tonight. Kit. Kit and Em. They’d done this to her.  

I leaned in closer, catching her scent. For an instant I swayed, so tempted . . .

“They told me all about you,” she whispered.


“The other girls. Kit, Em. Jessica. I know how you operate,” she continued. One of her hands rose, touching my chest. Fire burst through me, because if I’d wanted her before I was desperate for her now. She was so soft, so sweet . . . so perfect.

Then her words sank in.

“What did you just say?”

“They told me all about you,” she said, eyes dropping to stare at  my lips. “They told me you have a Madonna-whore complex.” I froze.

“A what?”

“A Madonna-whore complex,” she repeated, her voice earnest. “You like to screw dirty girls and you put clean girls on pedestals, where they can stay perfect and pure. That’s pretty messed up, Painter. There’s no such thing as Madonnas and whores. We’re all just people.”

The words stunned me. What the hell was she talking about? Just because I didn’t want her dragged down in the drama and bullshit of this life didn’t mean I had some sort of fucking complex. And who the hell were the Hayes sisters to have an opinion? I couldn’t tell what pissed me off more—the fact that they’d talked to Mel about me or that they hadn’t done a better job of scaring her off.

She wasn’t supposed to be here.

“Kit and Em are crazy, and that friend of yours—Jessica? She’s like a car crash. You don’t belong here, Mel.”

“And where do I belong?”

“With some nice kid who’ll treat you like a queen and work his ass off to give you everything perfect for the rest of your life.” The words were practically a growl.

Her eyes widened.

“What if I don’t want perfect?”

“Too fucking bad, because that’s what you’re getting.”

reaper's fall cover

He never meant to hurt her.

Levi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club. The day he patched in, they became his brothers and his life. All they asked in return was a strong arm and unconditional loyalty—a loyalty that’s tested when he’s caught and sentenced to prison for a crime committed on their behalf.

Melanie Tucker may have had a rough start, but along the way she’s learned to fight for her future. She’s escaped from hell and started a new life, yet every night she dreams of a biker whose touch she can’t forget. It all started out so innocently—just a series of letters to a lonely man in prison. Friendly. Harmless. Safe.

Now Painter Brooks is coming home… and Melanie’s about to learn that there’s no room for innocence in the Reapers MC.

Preorder from Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes

reaper's fall pre-order

Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.

Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter |  Goodreads

joanna wylde


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Review: Playing Hard To Master

PlayingHardtoMaster Playing Hard To Master by Sparrow Beckett

3 out of 5 Licks

Masters Unleashed, Book 2

Pleasure and pain once again intertwine in the second installment of Sparrow Beckett’s Masters Unleashed series, following Finding Master Right.

Known as a brat in the kink community, Everly can intimidate even the most experienced Dom. Then she meets Ambrose, a dominant who finds her ways amusing. Not only does he charm the pants off her, he makes her crave his mastery.

After being abandoned by his submissive, Ambrose has avoided any serious connections—until he meets Everly, who refuses to be ignored. But just when he thinks he’s found the perfect sub, he finds out she’s an anti-poverty activist with harsh opinions about the rich. Telling her he’s wealthy will ruin everything, but he can’t collar her with a huge lie hanging over them.

Will the best thing that’s ever happened to him walk away when she finds out the truth?

Finally the next chapter in the Masters Unleashed series has arrived.  Immediately after finishing Finding Master Right I was chomping at the bit for the next in the series.  While Playing Hard To Master didn’t rock my world as much as the first one, it is still a great addition to the series.  Everly is a bratty little sub who loves challenging her Doms.  Not all Doms enjoy a bratty girl but I loved reading the dynamics between the two.  Ambrose was willing to give her a firmer hand when needed and give her a bit of a longer leash to let her have some fun too.  

The only thing I really disliked about the book was Everly’s attitude toward rich people.  She had a rough past and she is a hard-core activist so she is very passionate about helping others.  While I loved her passion she was so prejudice against the rich that she made Ambrose feel really bad about his success and guilty about having money.  Ambrose is a good guy and helped his employees a lot.   I liked that Everly helped him find ways to help others in need too, I just don’t like the way it all happened.  

Overall I liked the book, but it didn’t have that same captivating way about it that I had with the first one.  The setup for the third one is interesting.  I’m not sure how it’s going to work out but I’m looking forward to taking the ride with Sparrow Beckett.  :)    

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | Books-A-Million | Google | Apple | Kobo


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Playing Hard To Master and CONTEST!!!


Pleasure and pain once again intertwine in the second installment of Sparrow Beckett’s Masters Unleashed series, following Finding Master Right.

Known as a brat in the kink community, Everly can intimidate even the most experienced Dom. Then she meets Ambrose, a dominant who finds her ways amusing. Not only does he charm the pants off her, he makes her crave his mastery.

After being abandoned by his submissive, Ambrose has avoided any serious connections—until he meets Everly, who refuses to be ignored. But just when he thinks he’s found the perfect sub, he finds out she’s an anti-poverty activist with harsh opinions about the rich. Telling her he’s wealthy will ruin everything, but he can’t collar her with a huge lie hanging over them.

Will the best thing that’s ever happened to him walk away when she finds out the truth?

Amazon | B&N | Books-A-Million | Google | Apple | Kobo



Everly would have come in her panties, if she were still wearing any. No one could look as truly evil as Ambrose did when he had a plan.

She thought about whining, but the bastard would probably like that. Maybe giving him some satisfaction would make him feel more charitable toward her?

He walked her to one of the support columns in the lounge area and backed her against it. “Stay,” he commanded.

Oh God, why did it turn her on so much when he issued commands like she was his pet dog? Probably because she could tell by his expression and the way he held himself that he fully expected her to be an obedient little pet. She waited while he rooted around in his bag, pressing her thighs together to try to give her poor, aching clit some relief.

How did she get herself into this? With a vanilla guy, she just could have said, “Dude, it’s fucking time,” and the guy would do a back handspring then do pretty much anything she asked if it meant he was getting laid. She had a feeling even if she begged Ambrose for relief right now, it wouldn’t divert him from his plan. Masters were so damned stubborn.

Ambrose returned with several silky-looking scarves.

“No, Master, not scarves!” she begged in a mocking tone. “What’s my safeword again? I’m so scared.”

He grumbled something about bratty slaves needing to be taught when to keep their mouths shut, but she stood on her toes and kissed his jaw, then down the side of his neck. He gave an un-Domly purr, and didn’t object when her hand groped at his hard-on. He bit her hard on the neck, and dry humped her against the column, frustrating the hell out of her. She felt a certain amount of satisfaction over the fact that he seemed to be suffering as much as she was.

Desire spiked, and she wondered if she could convince him to forget about fancy bondage shit and just bang her already.

Ambrose spread a staying hand across her upper chest and pulled away from her. “Bad girl. Quit tempting me.”

“But, Master, what kind of slave would I be if I didn’t tempt you?” she simpered up at him, batting her lashes. “I live only to please you.”

He chuckled in spite of himself and shook his head in exasperation. He tied one end of a scarf around her wrist, put it through something above her head, then pulled. Her arm was hauled upward, and he tied the free end to her other wrist. She felt like a sacrifice left for the minotaur. When she looked up to see what he’d looped the scarf through, there was a suspicious-looking O-ring conveniently anchored there. It didn’t seem to serve any other practical purpose.

“You like that? I put that there just for you, for this.” He stepped back and thoroughly eye-fucked her.

She quivered, frowning, ready to start begging.

“Shh. Not much longer, sweet girl.”

He gagged her with the next scarf, tying it behind her head, and used another long one to tie her ribcage against the column, so she was well and truly stuck.

The last length of fabric he shook out and showed to her. “Do you trust me? Can I blindfold you?”

She nodded.

“Can you safeword? Try.”

Her safeword came out garbled but understandable. Ambrose’s wicked grin was the last thing she saw before he covered her eyes and tied the scarf securely.

“Look at what we have here.” He chuckled. “A present! Look at all the pretty ribbons.” Here and there, gentle touches came. Fingers, tongue, the tug of teeth, hands sliding over her skin, small pinches on the ass, plucking at her nipples, tickling the piercing between her legs. It was almost as though he’d hired a team of hands to help out. She widened her stance, silently begging for something more. “Mmm. What a pretty little gift.” His hand went around her throat. “Is this toy mine to play with?”

Contest info: We are giving away two $50 gift cards this week! Either share our book trailer (be sure to tag us on Facebook or hashtag #PlayingHardtoMaster on Twitter) or snap a picture from the book and share it on Twitter using the same hashtag!


Two writers in two countries transform into the super writing duo, Sparrow Beckett, each night after wrangling their housefuls of children and pets. They trade the cape and colorful tights for tattoos and cups of coffee then set out to create a world where readers fall in love with heroes and the women who willingly go to their knees for them. Our books are the product of two kinky minds who don’t take themselves too seriously and the portrayal of realistic, romantic, sometimes heartbreaking BDSM relationships.

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Review: Master No

MasterNo Master No by Lexi Blake

5 out of 5 Licks

Master No, Masters and Mercenaries Book 9

Disavowed by those he swore to protect…

Tennessee Smith is a wanted man. Betrayed by his government and hunted by his former employer, he’s been stripped of everything he holds dear. If the CIA finds him, they’re sure to take his life as well. His only shot at getting it all back is taking down the man who burned him. He knows just how to get to Senator Hank McDonald and that’s through his daughter, Faith. In order to seduce her, he must become something he never thought he’d be—a Dom.

Overcome by isolation and duty…

All her life, Dr. Faith McDonald has felt alone, even among her family. Dedicating herself to helping others and making a difference in the world has brought her some peace, but a year spent fighting the Ebola virus in West Africa has taken a toll. She’s come home for two months of relaxation before she goes back into the field. After holding so many lives in her hands, nothing restores her like the act of submission. Returning to her favorite club, Faith is drawn to the mysterious new Dom all the subs are talking about, Master No. In the safety of his arms, she finds herself falling head over heels in love.

Forced to choose between love and revenge…

On an exclusive Caribbean island, Ten and Faith explore their mutual attraction, but her father’s plots run deeper than Ten could possibly have imagined. With McKay-Taggart by his side, Ten searches for a way to stop the senator, even as his feelings for Faith become too strong to deny. In the end, he must choose between love and revenge—a choice that will change his life forever.

Lexi Blake is not a writer to pull her punches when it comes to plot twists, so it should come to no shock that Master No is a book that keeps you one your toes both mentally and emotionally. I will not get to detailed on the ins and outs of the story. I feel it would really spoil the greatness of this book. I am a huge fan of the Masters and Mercenaries series. With each book the series just keeps getting better.

Tennessee Smith is man that keeps you intrigued from the moment he first showed up. There aren’t many men that keep Big Tag on his toes, but Ten is one of the few. Now that he has been burned by the CIA, and is working at McKay-Taggart you get to see the man he truly is. He is going undercover to get the man that ruined his life and career. Getting into Ten’s head has been such a great experience. I honestly didn’t think she could top my love for Ian, but damn is Ten every bit as dynamic a man and Dom.

Faith McDonald is the daughter of the man that ruined Ten, and his way in to get his revenge. She just might be more than a target though. She has gotten under his skin in the time they have spent emailing each other, and he isn’t sure if he likes that at all. I think she is just the woman he needs to mend the wounds he has carried around all his life.

Run don’t walk to buy this one. You will be sucked in, and held hostage till you finish it. Then you will be like I am, on pins and needles waiting for the next installment.

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | ARe | Google | iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

Knotty Kitty

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Dangerously Broken and CONTEST

dangerously broken_front mech.indd


Out October 6th!

From the author of Dangerously Bound comes a new Dangerous Romance—proving once again that Eden Bradley “has a knack for penning extraordinary erotic romances” (Wild on Books)…

It’s all or nothing…

Growing up, Summer Grace Rae lusted after Jamie Stewart-Greer something fierce. But her older brother’s best friend was strictly off limits. And in time Summer convinced herself to forget about him—until one erotic encounter…  

Jamie has a dark side, and his BDSM fantasies are the perfect way to explore it. But he’s always hidden his extreme lifestyle from the one person who elicited his ultimate, forbidden passions. After all, Summer has been like a little sister to him for years—until Jamie sees her at the most infamous kink club in New Orleans.  

Now, every taboo craving they’ve ever had is made real, in the flesh, and sending them on a sensual journey of discovery. But as their relationship spirals into the darkest recesses of desire, they’re both left breathlessly wanting more—and love could be the most dangerous fetish of them all.


EXCERPT-Warning! X-Rated and kinky!

Summer went hot and loose all over as she watched the change come over his face, his eyes glinting a hard, glassy green, almost as if they were lit from within. There was fire there. And stark command. And Jesus, it was Jamie looking at her like he was going to eat her alive.

He kissed her again, and it was all hunger and need and hurting, he kissed her so damn hard. It was everything she’d ever needed. Her body surged against his, everything just out of control. She couldn’t think. It was as if he’d shocked her senseless, and all she knew was his hot tongue in her mouth, the flavor of him, the scents of something dark—sandalwood or patchouli mixed with a little motor oil—and all of it so deliciously male she never wanted to stop breathing him in. She was soaking wet simply from kissing him, from feeling the authority in the way he held her.

You are in big trouble.

She didn’t care.

“Your bedroom,” he muttered from between clenched teeth.

Somehow she stumbled into the house. He was right behind her, holding her wrist hard at the small of her back, his body tight against hers, kissing and biting her shoulder as they moved into the bedroom. He whirled her body in his arms, everything happening so fast she had no time to think. He stripped her nightie off and it fell around her feet, leaving her naked. Then he took a step back and tore his shirt over his head.

“Oh . . .” It came out on a sigh of pure, burning desire.

His body was amazing. Broad shoulders, muscular chest. The washboard abs, the narrow waist. Even his tattoo was sexy—she’d always found tattoos sexy—the words memento mortalitatem tuam, Latin for “remember your mortality,” she knew, tattooed in a line down his ribs on his right side in bold calligraphic script. And oh, God, when had he gotten his nipples pierced? The two small, steel rings made her want to curl her tongue around them.

Her gaze flicked up to his, then down again as she heard him unbutton his jeans, the quiet snick of the zipper coming down. The fact that he wore nothing underneath made her sex clench. But he kept the damn jeans on, the solid ridge of his hard cock hidden beneath the worn denim, tempting her. She could hardly stand it.

She licked her lips. “Jamie—”

“Shh, Summer Grace. I need you to be quiet now, sugar. No discussion. Because now isn’t the time to negotiate and I am going to have to rein myself in to keep things under control.”

“Don’t, Jamie. We don’t need control.”

He stepped forward and slid his hand around her neck. She gasped in pleasure, felt his fingers flex in response.

“Yes we damn well do, sweetheart. No arguments. Just fucking kiss me, girl.”

She sighed through the slight constriction of her throat, loving the way he held her at that edge as she tilted her chin and his mouth closed over hers. She opened to his searching tongue, losing herself in the sweetness of his mouth. In his utter command.

When he pulled away, she was panting.

“Right now you are mine,” he whispered against her cheek, his hand still on her throat, his breath warm on her skin.

“Yes,” she murmured.

Her body already belonged to him. She couldn’t think of anything else at that moment but the desire—the need—coursing through her flesh, taking her over. He was taking her over. If he didn’t really touch her she was going to explode.

With his hand wrapped around her neck using only the slightest pressure, he backed her up step by step until she felt the mattress behind her legs.

“Down you go, now,” he said, his tone quiet. He was so damn commanding he didn’t need to use a harsh tone, a raised voice. She’d imagined a thousand times what being with him would be like—and, as she’d gotten older and discovered her desire for kink, what being dominated by him would be like. But never had she imagined it being this good. This natural.

He exerted the tiniest bit of pressure, guiding her to sit on the bed, her damp thighs hitting the cool sheets.

He leaned over her, clamping his hand a bit tighter. “This time, Summer Grace,” he told her, “it’s just gonna be you and me and the tiniest edge of kink. Because I fucking need you right now. Do you understand? Later, if you want to, we can do full negotiations. But I have to admit I am in no shape to do that. And judging by your eyes, your breath, your silence, by how beautifully hard your nipples are, neither are you, sweetheart. So tell me again. Is this still a ‘yes’?”

“Oh yes,” she breathed, the words whispering on a long sigh. There was no other possible answer.

He smiled, his dimples making small, charming divots in his cheeks, and she had a flash of Jamie at sixteen. That was when she’d first fallen for him. It had only taken fourteen years to get to this point. Fourteen years and her decision to finally end her pursuit of him. But he was right in front of her and she was naked and he was touching her—had kissed her! The kissing was a revelation in itself, the flavor of him still warm on her tongue. The answer had to be yes.

He kept his gaze on hers as he slid his hand down and his fingers bore down on the tender pressure points just below her collarbone, hurting her the tiniest bit. Letting her know his power, that he understood very thoroughly how to cause pain with the simplest touch. Then he moved a bit lower, between her breasts, pressed down, making a small hurting spot deep in her flesh. She sighed into the pain, needing to be touched. Needing to feel that little bit of pain. Needing Jamie. As if he heard her need, he gathered both breasts in his hands, kneading gently, his thumbs teasing her nipples, and pleasure arced into her like an electric current. He pinched one nipple and she gasped.


“You like that, do you, sugar? Oh yeah, I can tell you do. No, no. Hold still for me.”

He pinched again and she had to bite her lip not to move. It felt so good.

“I can see how hard you’re trying. Good girl. Now try harder.”

He pinched her again, both nipples this time, and she cried out.

“Ah, God!”

“Still,” he ordered.

To her surprise he leaned down and pressed his lips in that space between her breasts where he’d dug into the pressure point there. She let her head fall back with a sigh of pure pleasure. The contrast of sensations was making her head spin. He was making her head spin. That little bit of mind fuck and the fact that it was Jamie. That fact was mind fuck in itself.

“Oh yes . . .”

© Eden Bradley, 2015



**Today Eden is giving away an e-copy of the Dangerous Romance series spin-off book, DANGEROUSLY INKED! Just comment to win!



Get your copy of DANGEROUSLY BROKEN Now!

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