Review and Giveaway: Rule Breaker

Rule-Breaker-Harper-Kincaid (4)

Rule Breaker Rule Breaker by Harper Kincaid

x out of 5 Licks

Break on Through #1

Just one more can’t hurt…right?

Re-belle-ious, free-spirited Lauren Renwick has decided it’s time to trade her wings for roots. That means no more bad boys, no more foolish choices. Yet when she’s stood up on New Year’s Eve, her resolution to stick to her Mama’s Rules for Dating weakens. Especially when she spots sex-in-leather-and-tattoos, Jackson Sullivan.

One look at Lauren, and Jackson is hell-bent on getting her on the back of his Harley and riding straight for his bed. Their night together is an erotic rush that has a new word popping up on his horizon—forever. 

Lauren tries to convince herself he’s just one last fling to get bad boys out of her system, yet she finds herself falling hard and fast for a man with a stalker ex and a meddling Irish family. Plus, he has zero chance of passing her uptight parents’ inspection.

Jackson has Lauren’s back, but if she wants all of his heart, she’ll have to meet him halfway—by ditching rules that hold her prisoner, and learning to stand up for what she really wants.

Warning: Contains several highly practical rules for dating—all of which will be broken in the most wicked ways possible, thanks to a domineering alpha male who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it…rules be damned.

This book was a solid three out of five for me.  Overall it made me laugh and sigh and even a little hot under the collar from time to time, but it lacked that something that made me hold on tight and not let go.  This one started off with a bang with some hot sexy stuff with a stranger, but fell a little for me after that.  The conflict that was introduced in the form of Lexie just didn’t make me feel anything.  She was way too desperate and Jackson was a real pushover when dealing with her.  Lauren was a bit too controlled by her mother for being a grown woman.  Seeing her break every rule was fun though.  Jackson is a sexy man who seems to say all the right things at all the right times, but he was a bit crazy with his expectations that Lauren would just accept all the things he said to her as fact without any reasoning behind them.  All in all I did enjoy the story and we get a complete resolution with an epilogue (which I absolutely love).  I’m looking forward to seeing this author grow as the series grows.        

Buy it from Samhain | Amazon | B&N | Kobo

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Born in California and raised in South Florida, I’ve moved around like a gypsy with a bounty on my head ever since. Along the way, I worked as a community organizer, a professional matchmaker, a popular blogger, and a crisis counselor (to name a few). All the while, longing to have the guts to do what I really wanted: to write and become a published author. That wish has finally come true and I feel like a karmic cloud has been lifted off my head. Those of you who have also taken a circuitous route in trying to find their path get me – I can tell.

What else? Hmm… I love indie, lo-fi, complaint rock played on vinyl, wearing black because it’s slimming, the theater, well-informed optimism, happy endings (both kinds), and making those close to me laugh ’til they snort. I’m a self-admitted change junkie, loving new experiences and places, but have now happily settled in the cutest lil’ town, Vienna, Virginia, with my awesome and patient husband and two kick-ass girls.

Author Links:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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Review: All That Matters

all-that-matters All That Matters by Erin Nicholas

4 out of 5 Licks

The Billionaire Bargains, Book 3

Will Weston knows Emily Steele is too good for him. She’s too good for any of the guys he knows-even if he does know an astonishing number of suave, handsome millionaires. But Emily’s special. And he thought so even before he realized he had a little crush on his boss’s niece.

Emily Steele would definitely consider herself intelligent and worldly. Born into privilege, she’s been exposed to travel, culture and the best education. A billionaire’s daughter, Emily is used to having everything she could ever need or want-cars, clothes, trips. But she isn’t used to being single. When she decides she needs a break from her eight year relationship with the only boy she’s ever even dated, Emily realizes she has a lot to learn. About the world and herself. And men. Definitely about men.

A friend’s bachelorette party in New Orleans is the perfect place to get in touch with her inner vixen. Some drinking, dancing, flirting and fun seems like a great plan. Too bad she knows nothing about flirting. And has never actually met her inner vixen.

When Emily’s uncle insists that his assistant, Will, accompany Emily to New Orleans, he knows it’s not a good idea. The minute she was single, he suddenly became all too aware of how beautiful, charming and interesting she is. And that can only mean trouble. But when Emily offers Will’s best friend a million dollars to be her date for the weekend instead, there is no way Will is staying behind.

Warning: Contains a woman with enough money to buy a date for a weekend in New Orleans, a guy who’s never going to let that happen, a bachelorette party on Bourbon Street, hot sex to slow jazz and beignets… because there has to be beignets.

I was wondering if Emily would get her own book in this series.  I wasn’t sure since she was a teenager when we first met her.  I love that we not only get her story but we also get a bit of a sneak peek into the lives of Adam & Jaden and Tony & Reese-BONUS!!  I was worried how I would feel about this one since Emily is clearly not with Chad anymore and they started dating way back in No Matter What.  But of course Erin makes it all work out just like she always does.  Things were moving along as planned and when had proposes to Emily she decides they both need to explore a little before they commit to each other for the rest of their lives.  This makes perfect sense since they’ve never experienced romance with anyone else.  I knew things were going to get good when Reese was encouraging Emily to use Will to test her flirting and fling skills.  And boy do things get good!  Will makes an effort to let Emily have the chance to flirt around but he can’t let her near anyone else.  Of course we have to throw in some tension so Emily freaks out after they hook up.  The lead up to the sex was crazy hot and so worth the build up!  It was freaking HOT!!!! As I’ve come to expect from an Erin Nicholas book I was hooked from the start and never wanted to stop reading.  I also never wanted this one to end.  I have my fingers crossed for more in this series.  I’m thinking I need a story for Chad-hint hint.  ;)       

Buy it from Samhain | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks


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Review: Elite Metal

Elite Metal Chrome’s Salvation by Jennifer Kacey

3 out of 5 Licks

A former leader of Elite Recon, reduced to nothing more than an apathetic existence.

Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance…now nothing will stand in the way of him coming back to life.

Chrome had it all. Exactly what he wanted. A career in the Marines he loved, fighting alongside his brothers and sisters to protect the US from everything set out to destroy it. Then on their last mission as Elite Reconthey were double-crossed…and everything went horribly wrong.

Cammie needs help rescuing her siblings from the clutches of a man determined to crush everything she holds dear. But she has no one to turn to. No one to lean on when she’s trapped in a world she never knew existed. Lost in a world of pseudo-normalcy Chrome’s reduced to nothing more than existing. Day in. Day out. Nothing to live for.

Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance. Now nothing will stand in his way of coming back to life.

Love at first sight is a myth. Or so Chrome thought. Everything he thinks is true disappears in the presence…of his salvation.

Before I start let me clarify that I’ve only read Chrome’s book in this box set and this review is only about that book.  I will also say that the premise intrigued me enough that I’ve pre-ordered the book because I want to see what happens to the other team members.  Overall I enjoyed Chrome’s book, but it didn’t grab me and not let go.  I wanted to know ultimately what happened, but I would have preferred to read Steele’s story first because I feel like I might have gotten a little more background on the team’s past.  Chrome was an interesting character.  He was rugged and tough but clearly has a softer side that even he doesn’t know much about.  The instant love/lust thing wasn’t working for me very well in this book though.  I usually prefer my characters to have a little more interaction before deciding they love each other.  It’s hard for me to feel the love when they hardly know anything about each other.  I did however find myself laughing throughout the book and falling for Chrome’s bad boy charm a time or two.  The BDSM elements were pretty sexy and while it didn’t go into what I would consider heavy BDSM territory it was a nice dive into the shallow end (my shallow end may be a bit deeper than yours though lol).  The book could have been a little more polished, but the overall plot was there and as I said before I want to read the rest of the books in the box set and see where each person lands.        

Buy it from Amazon | ARe | Kobo | Smashwords



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Double Release Blitz for R.G. Alexander



Gaia City Superheroes Book 1

Gaia City. A place where technology is advanced, superheroes commonplace and the masses are addicted to Who Wants to Date a Superhero?, a reality show that lets women compete for the chance to win a date with one of Gaia’s Guardians.

Shy Cassie Tidwell never thought she’d be humiliating herself on live vid for the chance to have dinner with the mysterious Theta Wave, but she made a promise she would do anything to keep. Even if it means the man she’s secretly lusted after for months never wants to see her again.

Graham’s wanted Cassie from the moment he set eyes on her. He’d planned to go slow, but that plan fell apart the moment he discovered that the object of his obsession had mysteriously volunteered to be on the show. Now he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her admit she’s his and discover her secrets.

Graham knows all about secrets. He has a few of his own.

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | ARe | Smashwords



Gaia City Superheroes Book 2

Return to Gaia City. Where there are way too many superheroes for Dayna’s peace of mind. Life as the unofficial mascot for Gaia’s Guardians hasn’t been easy for the roving reporter. So maybe she overcompensates. Takes risks she shouldn’t.

She needs to prove she can hang with the big boys. One in particular.

Stone Matthews has never regretted becoming a superhero. As Rock Hammer, he’s an invincible chick magnet who has yet to meet an obstacle he couldn’t smash or a woman he couldn’t charm. Except for his best friend’s little sister. Dayna used to be his biggest fan, but one mistake years ago changed their relationship forever. Her recklessness drives him crazy, her sharp tongue cuts deep, and her hot little body makes him want to lose control.

When she goes chasing yet another story that could be the death of her, Stone makes a decision. Since talking doesn’t work for them, he’ll use another form of communication to show her how perfect they would be together.

Rock will be too hard for her to resist.

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | ARe | Smashwords

 *These books were previously published in 2008, but they’ve been revised and extensively expanded.

I read these books several years ago and I loved them.  I can’t wait to check out the new revised versions and to see more in this series!!  The new covers are awesome too! :)

 RGR.G. Alexander (aka Rachel Grace) is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author who has written over 30 erotic paranormal, contemporary, sci-fi/fantasy books for multiple epublishers and Berkley Heat. Both her personalities are represented by the Brown Literary Agency.

She is a founding member of The Smutketeers, an author formed group blog dedicated to promoting fantastic writers, readers and a positive view of female sexuality.

She has lived all over the United States, studied archaeology and mythology, been a nurse, a vocalist, and now a writer who dreams of vampires, witches and airship battles. RG feels lucky everyday that she gets to share her stories with her readers, and she loves talking to them on twitter and FB. She is happily married to a man known affectionately as The Cookie-her best friend, research assistant, and the love of her life. Together they battle to tame the wild Rouxgaroux that has taken over their home.

Learn more about R.G. on Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads | You Tube

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Review: One Night of Trouble

Event Banner (1)

One Night of Trouble One Night of Trouble by Elle Kennedy

4.5 out of 5 Licks

After Hours, Book 3

No More Mr. Nice Guy…

The moment AJ Walsh sees the sexy, tattooed pixie walk up to his bar, it’s lust at first sight. He’s always been labeled the “nice” guy―opening doors, buying flowers, and never, ever having one-night stands. But with this wicked little angel with red lips and unfathomably dark eyes? Oh, yeah. Tonight, “nice” has nothing to do with it…

Brett Conlon is trying to convince her family that she’s put away her reckless wild girl side for good. Nothing―and no one―could be better for her reputation than golden boy AJ Walsh. So they make a deal: if he plays The Good Boyfriend for her family, he can be a very, very bad boy with her. Now their one naughty night is about to turn into a whole lot of trouble…

Holy crap AJ is sooooooo not what he appeared to be in the previous books!  He may come across as the sweet guy next door, but in the bedroom (or wherever else the mood strikes) he is anything but sweet.  Brett is trying hard to give up her bad girl ways but AJ is making it very difficult.  I love that Brett is not only a tattooed bad ass chick, she’s also a tattoo artist.  She strikes up a deal with AJ to help her father see that she’s grown up and is responsible enough to run the new shop they are opening.  AJ agrees as long as she agrees to let him show his dirty side.  I enjoyed not only the hot, sexy side of this book but I also really liked the banter between Brett and AJ.  They compliment each other so well and I love that she is the one labeled as “bad” rather than him.  It’s a fun twist I don’t read to often anymore.  One Night of Sin is still my absolute favorite in this series but this one is definitely a close second!      

Buy it from Amazon | B&NARe | Kobo | iBooks

CONTEST: Click the link below to enter to win a Seduction Gift Basket.

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Review and Contest: One Night Of Scandal

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ONoScandal_5001-270x405 One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy

4 out of 5 Licks

The wrong man never felt so right…

Ex-fighter Reed Miller has been secretly lusting over his best friend’s girl for months, but he refuses to jeopardize a friendship over a woman—especially one who doesn’t like him all that much. Now that Darcy’s on the market again, it’s even more imperative to stick to his strict hands-off policy. But the sizzling attraction between them is too powerful to ignore, and once he’s had a taste of her…all bets are off.

Darcy Grant is tired of walking the straight and narrow path. She’s on the hunt for passion, and there’s no denying Reed is just the man to give it to her. Although she has no interest in dating a bad boy, and certainly not her ex’s best friend, it’s impossible not to melt beneath Reed’s skillful touch. Now it’s just a matter of setting a few ground rules—and hoping her rule-breaking, sweet-talking bad boy agrees to follow them. But if she lets Reed into her bed, does she stand a chance of keeping him out of her heart?

The continuation of the After Hours series gets right to the tension that we saw briefly between Darcy and Reed in One Night of Sin.  They try hard to fight what’s clearly between them but you can only fight chemistry for so long.  After a small dry humping session in the corner of Reeds club Sin they try to steer clear of each other.  They both feel a bit guilty about their attraction since Darcy just got out of a relationship with one of Reed’s best friends-AJ.  Darcy discovers her inner vixen whenever she’s near Reed.  She just can’t help but tease and push him all the while hoping he will finally break.  And when he finally does break it’s so smoking hot they break the smoke detectors-well not really but read this book and you’ll see what I mean.  Poor Reed has a bad boy reputation that he can’t seem to shake.  He wants to prove to Darcy that he wants a serious relationship, but she’s so busy trying to prove to him that she can do casual that she doesn’t realize that’s not what he wants.  It was a lot of fun watching these two fight and finally submit to their desires.  They do a lot to keep the excitement level up and Reed slowly proves to her that she’s what he wants.  The end is so sweet I almost cried, but the epilogue brought back the fun, outgoing couple again.  Another great book from Elle and I’m definitely going to have to read more of her books.       

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | ARe | iBooks | Kobo

CONTEST: Click the link below to enter to win a Seduction Gift Basket.

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Review and Contest: One Night of Sin

Event Banner (1)


ONoSin_500 One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy

5 out of 5 Licks

Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

When it comes to sex, good girl Skyler Thompson always plays it safe, choosing stable and sedate over wild and thrilling. She doesn’t do one-night-stands, but one look at sinfully sexy Gage Holt and she’s willing to reconsider. He makes her want to be bad for once in her life, and she’s prepared to take what she wants.

Danger follows former MMA fighter Gage Holt like a shadow. Despite his successes as part owner of Sin, an exclusive nightclub in Boston, Gage can’t risk getting involved with a woman, especially one as sweet as Skyler. Still, he can’t resist a taste—and it’s so damn good he has to see her again.

As addicted as he is to her, Gage knows there’s no future for him and Skyler—not with his past lurking in the dark corners of an MMA cage. But Skyler’s tougher than she looks, and she’s ready to fight for her man.

OMG this book was so freaking HOT!!!!! This book is classified as a novella, but Elle did a great job introducing the characters and building the relationship between these two.  It starts out as two people with a very intense attraction and grows into a relationship without either of them even noticing.  lol I was hooked from the first paragraph.  I didn’t stop reading once I started until I finished.  When Gage and Skyler together are a major fire hazard, they were setting stuff on fire left and right.  I love watching big, tough guys fall hard and Gage is the epitome of tough guy.  Even though he shows Skyler what it’s like to walk on the wild side, he also shows her his sweet side that makes me melt.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the next book in this series brings.    

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | ARe | iBooks | Kobo

CONTEST: Click the link below to enter to win a Seduction Gift Basket.

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Audio Review: Ivan’s Captive Submissive

Ivan Ivan’s Captive Submissive by Ann Mayburn

4 out of 5 Licks

Book 1 in the Submissives Wish Series

When Gia Lopez signs up for the Submissive’s Wish Charity Auction she has no idea that she’s about to be bought by a Russian Dom who will do anything to make her fantasies come true. Including staging an elaborate kidnapping that Gia believes is real. Ivan is instantly drawn to Gia and he wants to be the best Master she’s ever had. As he spends time with Gia he begins to have intense feelings for the strong, independent, and sexy American woman. He’s only won a week of her service but wishes to keep her forever.

Unaware of Ivan’s true feelings, Gia fights her growing emotional attachment to him. All she wants is to settle down with a nice Dom in the United States, continue her career, and live a normal life. However, Ivan sets a plan into motion that will push Gia to all of her limits and take her on a global journey of self-discovery, extreme pleasure, and love.

Warning: Contains Erotic Spanking, Subspace, f/f situations, a devastatingly sexy Dom who knows what he wants, and a submissive who just might be ready to give him what he needs.

Let’s start with the narrator-whew his accent is sexy!!  I did have to listen a little more closely at first to understand him at times, but I quickly got used to it and was fine from that point on.  I did notice a few times when I believe he said wrong words-I saw this because the sentence didn’t make sense so I’m assuming since I didn’t have the book right in front of me while listening.  Holy crap this book is freaking hot!  Heed the warning above my kittens!  This book is full of seriously sexy BDSM scenes and one hell of a head fuck!  You know I’m not one for ruining surprises so I won’t say more than that about that subject.  Ivan is all about pushing Gia’s limits.  He takes her to places she’s never even imagined were possible and in turn she gives him everything she has.  Ivan rides the line between insanely sexy and dangerous.  There are some pretty strong scenes in this one so make sure you are prepared to read some heavy stuff along with the lighter side of things.  There is even some knife play which always peeks my interest.  It’s not all BDSM though, there is plenty of romance happening too.  This book will give you a little bit of action, plenty of passion, and a love story as well.  Another amazing read by Ann Mayburn, I can’t wait to see what she brings next!  

Buy it from Audible | Amazon


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Boys of Fall Contest Winner!!

And the winner of the Boys of Fall Pep Rally is…

Cindy Tew!

Cindy I’ve already sent you an email so check your junk mail and make sure I didn’t fall in there!  :)  Thanks everyone for visiting and I hope you all love the Boys of Fall series as much as I have so far! I can’t wait to see more from Erin, Mari, and Cari!!


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Review: Hero By Night

Hero By Night Hero By Night by Sara Jane Stone

5 out of 5 Licks

Book Three:  Independence Falls

He was nobody’s hero until he landed in the wrong bed …

Armed with a golden retriever and a concealed weapons permit, Lena Clark is fighting for normal. She served her country, but the experience left her emotionally numb and estranged from her career-military family. Staying in Independence Falls seems like the first step to reclaiming her life until the town playboy stumbles into her bed …

Chad Summers is living his dream—helicopter logging by day and slipping between the sheets with Mrs. Right Now by night. Until his wild nights threaten his day job, leaving Chad with a choice: prove he can settle down or kiss his dream goodbye. But when he ends up in the wrong bed, the one woman in Independence Falls he can’t touch offers a tempting proposition. Chad is ready and willing to give in to the primal desire to make Lena his at night—on one condition. By day, they pretend their relationship is real.

But their connection extends beyond the bedroom, threatening to turn their sham into reality if Chad can prove he’s the hero Lena needs night and day … forever.

I am loving this series soooo hard!!  I am so glad I signed up for that blog tour months ago.  I may have never found Sara without that tour.  Once again we have a female soldier as the heroine and she is awesome!  I love that Lena has a dog, very appropriately named Hero, too.  Sara did a great job injecting lots of fun and cute moments with Hero along with showing the unconditional love, loyalty, and sense of security he brought to Lena.  Chad is right up there with the sweetest (and sexiest) heroes I’ve ever read.  He makes it his mission in life to help Lena recover the part of herself she thought she’d lost.  I found myself with tears in my eyes several times while reading this book.  I couldn’t force myself to put it down once I started it.  I truly never wanted it to end.  This is a great series and I am eagerly awaiting the next book.     

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo


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