Review: Game On

Game On Game On by Cat Johnson

3 out of 5 Licks

In the game for love, only the winners walk away with their hearts intact…

Trent O’Shea is a superstar athlete on the football field, but for one week each year he escapes into anonymity at an exclusive resort in the Florida Keys that caters to the rich and famous. Armed with a fake identity, he’s happy to sit by the pool and do nothing except enjoy some breathtaking scenery—and maybe ask her if she needs help putting sunscreen on her back.

Laurel Burnett never met a bad boy she couldn’t catch. Cheating spouses. Deadbeat dads. Scammers. Once the determined PI sets her sights on them they all fall, and the next alleged perpetrator in her crosshairs is none other than the San Francisco Outlaws’ Trent O’Shea. The super-sexy linebacker who Laurel’s client hired her to track will be her biggest trophy yet. She’ll do anything to bring him down, even follow him to a resort paradise and use herself as bait.

But things aren’t always as they appear and Trent and Laurel both learn that sometimes even perfectly planned plays can go wrong when love and lust are involved. Then it’s game on!

A stand-alone contemporary “mistaken identity” romance featuring a rich, alpha hero athlete who also happens to be a Texas cowboy, and the private investigator heroine determined to catch him.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: GAME ON is a stand-alone story. You do not need to have read Bella Andre’s Game For Love to understand or enjoy mine.

Let’s start by talking about Kindle Worlds and the connection between Game On and Bella Andre’s Game For Love series.  In a nut shell Kindle Worlds is allowing authors to play in the world of another author.  As long as they follow the guidelines set forth an author can write books based in another authors (only authors who are part of Kindle Worlds) world and use their character names.  I have not read Bella Andre’s Game For Love series and it didn’t cause me to miss out on anything in this book.  I gather that Trent is one of the team mates from the GFL series.

Ok now on to Game On.  This one was just so so for me.  The ending felt very abrupt.  I’m the type that really wants a HEA (happy ever after).  I can accept a HFN (happy for now) occasionally too but this didn’t have that kind of vibe to it.  And I know Laurel had to check out her client’s accusations but it was pretty apparent from the start that it wasn’t Trent she should be looking for.  Her client seemed pretty stupid.  lol  There was definitely chemistry between Trent and Laurel, but not a lot of time for it to grow since she did lie to him and he kicked her out.  I’d be interested in seeing where these characters go, but I don’t know if Cat plans more for this one or not.                  

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Review: Night With A Seal

Night With A Seal Night With A Seal by Cat Johnson

3 out of 5 Licks

Hot Seals Book 1

They’ve got your six…

Ten years of dedication to the Navy taught SEAL Jon Rudnick one thing—he’s not afraid to risk life and limb for his country. But when navigating military red tape begins to present more challenges than the enemy it makes Jon question his future. So does Alison Cressly, the woman he can’t get out of his head.

When Ali’s life is threatened and military rules won’t allow him to intervene, Jon decides it’s time to take back control.

A team of sexy SEALs, a terrorist threat, and an attraction that can’t be denied . . . it all comes together in this launch of the new Hot SEALs romantic suspense series from New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author Cat Johnson.

Another sexy one from Cat Johnson.  Not much better than getting to read about a bunch of sexy Navy SEALs. This is a quick read that is bound to get you worked up.  I was impressed that for a book this short we got a good amount of character development.  Jon and Ali don’t really talk much or learn that much about each other but you feel a real connection between the two of them.  The end is a bit abrupt but we do get a HFN for them.  I am really looking forward to seeing what comes next in this series.  It’s going to be fun following these men while they build a new future for themselves.       

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Review: The Sinner’s Club

thesinnersclub The Sinner’s Club by Kate Pearce

4 out of 5 Licks

It’s known as the Sinners Club…a private gentlemen’s club whose members have mysterious pasts and secret fantasies too hot to reveal…

Total Pleasure

Unsure of his reception, Jack Lennox adopts the guise of his own secretary upon returning to his ancestral home to claim his father’s earldom. When he arrives, he’s stunned to discover the previous earl’s lovely young widow, a woman of beguiling curves and sensual smiles, warming the bed…

Absolute Surrender

Mary Lennox is determined to remain in Pinchbeck Hall and a mere secretary isn’t going to tell her otherwise. But Jack Smith is a man of many talents and soon she’s succumbing to his erotic games of pleasure. Only Mary may have underestimated the intensity of her wanton longings and the depths of Jack’s dark desires…

Note: This book is about Jack Lennox who you met first in SIMPLY SCANDALOUS.

Kate Pearce is one dirty woman!!  And again Kate pulls me into her historical web.  It took me longer to read this one but that’s pretty par to the course with me and historicals.  There is plenty of deceit and dirty, dirty sex within the pages of this one.  Jack puts both Mary and Simon (yeah I said Simon-there is another man involved in this one) in some pretty kinky positions.  The ending feels a bit abrupt but we do see some resolution.  I’m looking forward to more in this series and hopefully more about these characters.  

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Review: Dare to Surrender

DaretoSurrender_375-200x300 Dare to Surrender by Carly Phillips

3 out of 5 Licks

Part of Invitation to Eden Other Invitation to Eden Releases

Dare to Love Series # 3

After ending a relationship to a cheating, domineering man, Isabelle Masters takes off in her leased Mercedes, only to be arrested for grand theft and hauled to a local police station. To her surprise, she is rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, a man she’s been attracted to for far too long. Gabe offers Isabelle freedom along with an invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible. Although Gabe yearns to possess Isabelle, he knows all too well he must fight his primitive need to bind her to him, and instead help bring out the independent woman she yearns to become – or risk losing her for good. A woman who needs to run her own life. A man who needs to exert control. Can she surrender to his erotic demands without losing her sense of self once more?


Book 3 in the Dare to Love series starts with an arrest rather than a bang.  When Gabe happens to show up at the station and sees Isabelle he sees an opportunity to have what he’s been wanting and he’s going to take it.  This one is classified as an NA and it’s in first person.  I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of NA so that plays into my feelings for this book.  I’m not a big fan of self-created drama and NA just seems to be full of it.  I liked the Eden aspect of this one.  I haven’t read many of the books in the Eden series yet but the island definitely sounds like an awesome place to visit.  I like a strong heroine and Isabelle starts off pretty weak.  She does get her backbone though and winds up walking out on Gabe so she can find it.  Rich, dominant men have become a bit of a staple in books lately.  Gabe is pretty typical and fits into all the stereotypes.  The addition of Eden is what added enough whimsy to keep this one from being a run of the mill dominating romance.  I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. 

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Review: Getting Dirty

Gettin Dirty Getting Dirty by Erin Nicholas

5 out of 5 Licks

Sapphire Falls, Book 3

Travis Bennett is exactly the kind of guy Lauren Davis has been avoiding for the past nine years. Religiously. Stubbornly. Successfully. She knows too well how easy it is to let lust ruin perfectly laid plans. And a small town farmer with no ambitions beyond the borders of his own cornfield is not going to change her mind. She’s got important stuff to do. Her company is literally working to stop world hunger. Her plans are much bigger than Sapphire Falls. No matter how hot those farmers might be.

The problem is—Lauren is falling in love. With Sapphire Falls. To kick her sudden desire to buy a welcome mat and start baking pies, she asks Travis to help her get over her crush. She wants him to show her what life in the small town is really like behind all the sweetness and sunshine and remind her that there’s no place for French manicures and Gucci heels on the farm.

Travis has everything he wants or needs—a quiet, simple life in his hometown, a successful farm and his friends and family all around. A hoity-toity city chick who looks down on everything from the local coffee to his favorite music is the last girl he wants sticking around. So he agrees to her crazy plan. He can definitely show her the less-than-glitzy, rough-around-the-edges side of Sapphire Falls. In fact, things just might get downright dirty.

You know that happy feeling you get when you finish a good book?  That is exactly how I feel every single time I finish an Erin Nicholas book.  That happy feeling is immediately followed by a very strong desire for more.  lol  There are plenty of other feels I get while reading Erin’s books but the overwhelming feeling is sheer happiness.  Erin will rip my heart out and tear it to pieces only to wind up putting it back together again in the end.  I am always excited to read a new book from her because I have no doubts I will be sucked into an amazing story.  Getting Dirty is no different.  There were several moments when my husband gave me odd looks because I was laughing so hard while reading this book.  The lust between Travis and Lauren is through the roof.  No one could deny these two were going to burn up the sheets once they finally made it to a bed and they did in a big way!  I was thrilled to find out there are more planned for this series.  I can’t wait to read more about Sapphire Falls!

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Brought To His Knees

Brought to his knees_3d_web

Brought to His Knees

Available for a Limited Time for $0.99! Don’t miss out on this AMAZING Boxed-Set from some of your favorite erotic authors. That’s 11 stories…in one book…from sweet to sizzling and everywhere in between!!!

The Alpha male. Strong. In control. Letting no one and nothing rule him…until he meets the one, and all bets are off. The world tilts, the bed rocks, and suddenly that tough guy finds himself Brought to His Knees—in more ways than one.

This collection of ten hot to erotic novellas and one short erotic novel will take you on journeys of lust, love, and adventure, leave you breathless and quite possibly in need of a cold shower.

Enter with anticipation. Finish satisfied…

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Beneath the Pages

Jennifer Kacey


One wicked night with her did nothing but whet his appetite. Now he’ll settle for nothing less than her complete submission.


Acacia owns and runs Fame, one of the hottest celebrity magazines in the country. She survives on convincing the rich and famous to reveal things they would normally do anything to keep hidden. She lives, eats and breathes the magazine. Day in and day out. She has no life, nothing to keep in the dark. Nothing but the night she gave herself over to the one man she never should have wanted.

Radigan, the most sought after actor in Hollywood, wants her again, and won’t take no for an answer. He had her for one night. Several hours of the best sex of his entire life, but she was gone the next morning before the sun had fully risen. His attempts to contact her have gone unanswered. Everything he’s tried so far has been a miserable failure. But he finally knows what to do to slip beneath the pages of her heart.

This time he’s playing for keeps and the exclusive rights to her body, heart and soul.

JenniferKacey (26)

Jennifer Kacey is a wife, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

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Sabrina York – NY Times and USA Today Best Selling Author


A scalding attraction. An irresistible passion. A pity she’s the one woman he can never have…


Make Me Surrender

Tina Donahue


When it comes to two of the hottest guys in town, she has a proposition…to win their attention, passion, hearts.


A Cowboy’s Seduction

Cynthia D’Alba


One exhausted cowboy + One uptight account x A tropical resort = A hot seduction. But who is seducing whom?


Dark Wolf Enterprises

A.M. Griffin


Murder, mayhem and imprinting with a hot wolf shifter… And they say being an accountant is boring.


Building Bridges

Amy Ruttan


A vet tech and a lone wolf rancher ride out a sudden storm, but can they weather the emotions they stir up in each other…


Three Strikes

Anya Richards


Two lonely men. One secret affair. Irresistible passion that will push them both to the breaking point, and beyond.


Born to Sin

Danica Avet


A tomboy in love makes a desperate attempt to seduce her best friend and succeeds beyond her wildest dreams. But this Alpha male isn’t easily tamed and has secrets that could very well tear them apart.


The Sound of Your Name

Felice Fox


Their silent erotic encounters change his luck and awaken his soul, but secrets and cowboy superstitions can only keep them apart.


Cruising for Love

Lynne Silver


A vacation cruise comes with surprises—like the BDSM theme and her high school love, the one man she can’t resist.


Chief Sin

Sayde Grace


A taste of Sin isn’t enough. Instead she wants all of him, including the heart she once broke.


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Review: Never Been Kissed

NeverBeenKissed72lg Never Been Kissed by Mari Carr

4 out of 5 Licks

Two’s Company. Three is perfection.

Second Chances, book 5

Shelly MacIsaac has pretty much given up all hope. Hope that she’ll lose weight, that she’ll find any excitement in life, that there will ever be any man in her bed besides Barney, her cat.

When her friend Zoey suggests the wine girls come up with resolutions for the New Year, Shelly latches onto the one everyone expects her to choose—the tried-and-true commitment to go on a diet and get into shape. Deep inside, however, Shelly knows she needs to change a lot more than just her physical appearance.

After a year licking his wounds over a broken romance, Christian is through. He’s been quietly lusting after Shelly at work, and he’s not wasting any more time. There’s something about her that makes him believe she’s the one. Unfortunately, Shelly’s kickboxing instructor, Lance—Christian’s best friend—has set his sights on the sweet blonde as well.

Instead of pistols at dawn, the two friends come up with a deliciously erotic answer to their shared dilemma—if the shy beauty will accept their racy proposal.

Warning: There is a chance this story will encourage you to go on a diet and begin an intense exercise regime. After all, flavored body lube is low cal, right? And sex is a great way to burn calories.

I’ve been waiting for this book to release since I read Fix You.  I’ve dealt with self-esteem issues all my life so this book really hit home for me.  I found myself crying so hard a few times I couldn’t see to read.  Mari does a wonderful job of expressing Shelly’s thoughts and feelings.  I’m glad that Shelly found herself with not just one but two men.  It was beautiful to watch Shelly’ confidence grow.  The only reason I didn’t give it 5 licks is because it dragged a little for me in the middle.  It does pick back up though and as usual Mari took a hard subject and turned it into a soulful journey with steamy sex thrown in for fun too.  

Buy it from Samhain | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | ARe


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Review: The Playboy’s Menage

22600814 The Playboy’s Menage by R.G. Alexander

3 out of 5 Licks

Billionaire Bachelors series Book 3

Henry Vincent and Peter Faraday have been friends forever. The royal rocker and polymath playboy have more than a few things in common. They’re both billionaires, they both love a challenge…and they’ve both carried a long-lasting torch for the woman that got away. Finding Holly again brings back feelings and memories neither one of them wanted to face. But they’ll have to if they want to share her. Keeping her from running again and making her admit how she feels about them will take teamwork. Hours of teamwork…and handcuffs.

We’ve reached the end of the Billionaire Bachelors series.  We finally find out if Henry and Peter will find their happy ending with the one that got away.  I think by now y’all know how much I enjoy sex in the books I read.  I don’t necessarily need a lot of it and I have read several books with no sex at all and enjoyed them as well, but I always feel a deeper connection between the characters when sex is involved.  All that said I actually felt like there was too much sex in this one.  Even though the characters knew each other in the past I felt like they needed to reconnect after 17 years apart.  Don’t get me wrong, there is dialog here I would have just liked to see more.  The sex between these three is steamy and inventive.  They certainly don’t stick tot he bedroom for their exploits.  In the end we get to catch up with all the guys and their women.  I always love seeing everyone again at the end of a series.  I’m even holding out hope that we might get one more quicky story to get the final HEAs for everyone.  ;)

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Review: The Cowboy’s Kink

22600797 The Cowboy’s Kink by R.G. Alexander

4 out of 5 Licks

Billionaire Bachelors Series Book 2

Tracy Reyes is a man who enjoys having control. Over his family’s billion dollar land and cattle empire, over the women he tops at the club, and over his life. When teacher Alicia Bell drops into his lap with a problem that needs solving and a body that begs to be bound, he can’t resist the opportunity to give her the education in kink she needs. But can he walk away from his passionate pupil when it’s time to meet his future bride?

I’m going to start by saying “Mmmmmmmmmmm Rope”.  Ok now that we got that out of the way-whew this is a hot one!  I’ve known R.G. for several years now and she always claims to be the innocent Smutketeer.  She is one of the least innocent people I know and after you read her books I’m sure you will agree.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let’s talk about this book.  There is some super steamy sex happening in this book.  As the title suggests there are lots of kinky things Tracey does to Alicia and it’s super hot!  I really enjoyed watching Alicia discover her dirty side and watching Tracey fall.  I always love watching a domineering man brought to his knees by a woman.  

Buy it from Amazon | B&N | ARe | Smashwords


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Review: Rendezvous

Cover_Rendezvous Rendezvous by Sami Lee

3 out of 5 Licks

Six days at sea with her ex… Conditions are about to get rough.

Twelve months ago Cassie Dalton fled Sydney and her three year marriage to tough city cop, Reed. Now she’s living a new life chartering tourists around the pristine tropical waters of the Whitsunday Passage on her inherited yacht, The Rendezvous. Despite having unresolved feelings for her estranged husband, she sends divorce papers in her desperation to move on. To her surprise the move shakes Reed out of his emotional hibernation and brings him to north Queensland, determined to win her back. As they spend the next six days sailing and sharing secrets, Cassie begins to wonder why she ever thought living  without the man she loves was a solid life plan.

But just as she thinks all their fences have mended, Reed breaks her heart all over again…

An erotic romance short story which can standalone (no cliffhanger)

Most of the books I’ve read start with two people meeting for the first time or friends who have known each other for a while and finally realize they are perfect for each other.  It’s not often at all that I read about a couple who has been together and have separated come back together again.  Reed acts like a bit of an idiot, but he is a man so I had to expect it.  To be fair Cassie spends a lot of time letting Reed be an idiot so it evens out.  This is a quick read and I more on the sweet side, but I enjoy a good sweet story.  I really enjoy Sami’s books and I’m looking forward to more from her.  

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