What Is It About A Man With An Accent?

Hello my darling kittens.  Today we have Ann Mayburn coming by for a visit to talk about her latest release Ivan’s Captive Submissive and give some stuff away of course!  Take it away Ann.

I have the usual list of things I find sexy in men, broad shoulders, strong chest, nice eyes, kissable lips, etc, but there is one trait that a guy can have that will instantly bump him up at least four points on the one to ten sexy scale, a hot accent. Think about it, how many guys do know where if they didn’t have a sexy accent you’d be all ‘meh’ about. What about movie actors? Is Hugh Grant really that sexy without his accent? Probably not.

When I started out writing Ivan’s Captive Submissive I knew right away that I wanted a Dom with a drop your panties hot accent, something strong and rough, yet oh so good when whispered in your ear. The kind of voice that makes women pause in their step to take a look and see who that sexy bastard is. Now imagine that voice telling you to do dirty, naughty things while he spanks you. The kind of things you dreamed about but never dared tell anyone, except for your hot Russian Dom.


The leading lady of Ivan’s Captive Submissive, Gia, doesn’t stand much of a chance against her hot Russian Dom, Ivan. In the book Ivan wins Gia at a charity submissive auction with the stipulation that he must fulfill Gia’s fantasies, including being fake kidnaped and ravished by her abductor. Ivan delivers…a little too well. I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but I will I’ve written more sex scenes in this book than any other that I’ve written to date, but each scene is essential to the plot of the book so this isn’t just a whole bunch of really good, edgy smut loosely tied together. Instead you get an epic romance that takes an ordinary American girl and puts her in an extraordinary situation with the one man in the world who will love her like no other. Intrigued? I sure hope so. ;) Here is a small sneak peek from Ivan’s Captive Submissive where we join Gia on the auction block: 


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  Taking in a deep breath, she slowly let it out and tried to focus on the positive. She’d beaten incredible odds to make it this far, so there had to be something inside her the Auction Committee found appealing. Hell, she hoped she was attracted to whoever won her. She liked big, strong men and the sight of a pair of broad shoulders and narrow waist always made her heart beat harder. With her luck, she’d be bid on and won for ten bucks by a skinny guy with dandruff.

A soft, satin glove-covered hand touched Gia’s chin and brought her back to the present with a rush of nerves. Gia let out a soft moan. It must be her turn. The ear buds were removed, and a moment later, the blindfold was taken from her eyes.

Harper stood in front of her with a warm smile curving her full lips. She looked like a golden goddess while Gia felt like a walking plague victim.
God, please let at least one person bid on her.

Just one.

Leaning forward, Harper whispered, “Breathe.”

Gia sucked in a deep lungful of air and immediately felt better, less faint. Harper gave her a moment, then gracefully helped Gia walk to the center of the stage. They were in what had to be a ballroom, lit so she couldn’t see anything about the crowd. It was just she and Harper standing in a pool of warm light while an anonymous group of people inspected her from the shadows.

 Harper held Gia’s hand out and cleared her throat. Flushing, Gia remembered to curtsey to the audience. A soft chuckle flowed through the crowd, and she blushed so hot even her ears burned. Obviously, they hadn’t missed her chagrined look.

A male voice filled the auditorium.

 “Masters and Mistresses, may I present Gia. Joining us from South Carolina, she holds a master’s degree in architecture and is relatively new to the lifestyle. Her charity of choice is a no-kill animal shelter in Myrtle Beach where she has volunteered for the past three years. While she has been trained by the esteemed Mistress Viola and Master Mark on the basics of submission, she has much to learn. I’ve heard she’s a very eager student. We’ve also been warned she has a temper, so it will take a strong Master or Mistress to win her submission.”

The crowd laughed, and the murmurs through the audience grew louder. Gia flushed hot enough to melt the sun. She’d imagined she’d get up here, the guy would point out that she had nice legs in spite of her chunky butt and she liked to give blowjobs.

Oh shit, were they going to talk about the sexual fantasies she’d written down for them? She thought they were going to be in the program next to a picture of her or something, not actually talked about while she stood here. Anxiety tightened her muscles and she worried people in the audience could see her hands trembling.

God, they were going to think she was a weirdo, a pervert, a freak, all those things she secretly felt about herself. No, she wouldn’t give into those negative thoughts. Mistress Viola had spent a great deal of time talking with Gia about her sexual needs. The one thing Mistress emphasized above all else was that Gia should be honest with her partner and herself about what her needs were, and not be ashamed of her natural desires. The mature woman part of her mind agreed, while the prim and proper portion insisted she was a sexual deviant and needed therapy.

Sure enough, the next words that rolled out of the auctioneer’s mouth made her wince. “Gia is fond of forced seduction and abduction scenarios. She also enjoys relationships where the man is powerful, someone to be feared and respected, but gentle with her…to a point. She craves dominance and has yet to achieve subspace. Well, I’m sure we can help her learn how to fly.”

 More audience laughter, along with a few catcalls. “Her trainers, Mistress Viola and Master Mark from the South Carolina club, The Iron Fist, have said she can be a bit of a brat and will need a firm hand. At her core, Gia is eager to please and wants to be found worthy of your attentions.”

Harper gave her fingers the barest squeeze and whispered, “Breathe.”

 Gia sucked in an audible breath, and the audience chuckled. She imagined how they were talking about her, commenting on her bony knees, her giraffe neck, her tiny breasts. Here, under the bright lights, all of her insecurities threatened to rise to the surface and overwhelm her. A man to the left commented on her pierced nipples while a woman somewhere ahead of her made a nasty remark about Gia’s small tits.

 This was the single most embarrassing, humiliating, terrible experience of her life. Tears threatened to fill her eyes and she blinked rapidly. No, she was not going to cry, at least, not right now. When no one bid on her, she could let her tears flow.

“This lovely submissive has agreed to one week serving the winning bidder. Masters and Mistresses, let us start the bidding at one hundred thousand dollars.”

 Gia swallowed hard as the first bid came in. She had no idea how the auctioneer could see who was in the audience, but the bids kept climbing. When the staggering figure of close to four hundred thousand dollars was reached she openly gaped.

Two men were bidding. One was an American from one of the New England states by his cultured tone. The other had a rough, almost bestial voice with a sharp, growling tenor to it and an accent she couldn’t place. Her few remaining brain cells that weren’t freaking out, tried to focus on the spot the voices were coming from. She could barely see the outline of what might be people sitting in chairs.

The man with the rough, accented voice roared out, “Four hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars.”

Silence hung heavy in the air. Even the auctioneer seemed stunned. It took him a moment to respond before he coughed and said, “I have four hundred and twenty-five thousand US dollars. Going once…going twice…sold!”

 Gia stood there in total shock. Four hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars! That was a life-changing amount of money for the rescue shelter. She spent one weekend a month volunteering, so she knew exactly how far they could stretch it—definitely a new building, maybe even enough to purchase the plot of land behind them and turn it into a dog run. They could even add a full-time vet on staff with that kind of money.

 With a gentle tug, Harper brought Gia’s thoughts back to the present in a rush. Harper smiled at her and led her to the edge of the stage. Her time with the winning bidder began right now. For the amount he paid for her, Gia wanted to show him the time of his life, to somehow be worth all the money he’d spent. Hell, she didn’t care if he was eighty years old with liver spots on his balls, she would do her best to rock his world in thanks for his amazingly generous bid.

The spotlights turned away and she blinked rapidly, trying to adjust her eyesight. They took a few steps and were almost at the main floor when Harper paused.  A moment passed, then a man said something in what she thought was Russian or some type of Slavic language. She looked to Harper, who gave her a slight shake of her head. Great. Harper didn’t understand what was going on either.

A second man approached and she could see him a bit better. His suit was tan and stood out in the dim lighting of the audience.

“Your new Master extends his greeting. He is pleased to have won your service. You will wait for him in one of the sitting rooms while he finishes his business here.”

Whew that was a whole lot of sexy!  Now its contest time.

CONTEST: To enter to win a winner’s choice on an eBook from Ann’s backlist-tell me what is your favorite accent.  Comment below for your chance to win!

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8 thoughts on “What Is It About A Man With An Accent?

  1. Angela

    Irish or American i couldnt pick between them :D

  2. Lori Meehan

    Scottish accents are my favorite.

  3. Oh, I totally agree with both of you.-shivers- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOOQVvYLgZs

  4. Robin Seitz

    I love an English accent. Upper crust. It gets me every time

  5. I like Irish and Russian.

  6. Claire Bow

    An Irish accent is great with a nice lilt to it.

  7. has to be scottish

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