Review: A Little Harmless Ride

ride_450A Little Harless Ride by Melissa Schroeder

4.5 out of 5 Licks

When this Dom falls hard, he will do anything to protect the woman he loves.

Elias St John has lived a life most people wouldn’t believe. An Aussie by birth, he has found his way to the Big Island working as the right hand man to Joe Kaheaku. When his boss dies and leaves the ranch to Eli and Joe’s niece Crysta Miller, Eli finds himself more than a little attracted to her.

After finding her fiancé in bed with another woman and helping her father through his illness, Crysta is ready for a new start. The offer of the ranch far away from home is perfect. The only problem she has is with Eli who constantly tells her what to do. When an argument turns into a passionate kiss, both of them get more than they were expecting.

Eli finds himself completely enthralled with Crysta as his submissive. As seemingly simple accidents turn deadly, Eli realizes that someone is bent on destroying the ranch by any means possible—even murder.

WARNING: this book contains the following: A cynical Dom, a woman ready for adventure, Hawaiian cowboys-yeah they have them, horse rides, stunning sunsets and a new island for Addicts to cherish. Remember, it’s Harmless so bring on the ice water and towels.

And back to the Harmless world I go-very willingly might I add.  I just love this series so much!  Eli has popped up in previous Harmless books and was so damn mysterious I wanted his story something fierce!  Crysta is the perfect girl for him.  She is strong and sexy and into BDSM.  Eli has a hard time trusting women thanks to a *insert bad word here* woman from his past.  He still has both the emotional and physical scars to prove it.  He prefers to find a woman to enjoy for the night and then go home alone.  After he and Crysta are forced to live together for a period of time the attraction between them is so intense even the ranch hands notice.  Once they have a taste of each other neither has the will power to stay away.  This is one of my favorite types of attraction.  They have each heard about each other through her uncle (whom Eli lived with on the ranch) and once they get to know each other that fondness turns into white-hot attraction.  The time they spend fighting the attraction makes the emotional bond stronger as they try to discover who is causing trouble on the ranch.  I won’t say I didn’t see it coming but Ms. Schroeder does a great job at keeping us guessing who it is until the end.  I’m a big sucker for a happy ending and this one didn’t disappoint in that as well.  If you like Aussie cowboys, who like it a little rough and strong women who don’t need men to take care of them (at least not outside the bedroom) than this book is right up your ally!  We get to see several of the characters from the previous books as well and we get a trip to Rough N Ready.  What more could you ask for? 

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2 thoughts on “Review: A Little Harmless Ride

  1. Maria D.

    Good review – I’ve fallen behind on reading this series but need to catch up

  2. ALH Ride is STILL on my TBR list, because I only “discovered” Mel’s work this year!! Fans keep talking about how wonderful Eli is, and what a naughty, naughty Dom he is, so I cannot wait to FINALLY read his story.

    In fact, if it weren’t for her military men and women, I would still be “in the dark” about her ALH series. Mel has become a “must buy” and definitely a “must pre-order” author for me. Highly recommend her books!

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