Moving Party Winners!

Well this week has been crazy but also productive.  🙂  I’ve got most of my office put away and all of my books organized and placed neatly on their shelves.  I’m going to have to pick up another shelf so I have space for my blog giveaway books and my Harry Potter books but they will have a home soon.  🙂  See my pretties?!  🙂

Signed BooksThese two shelves are only signed books.  I am very obsessed with collecting author signatures as you can see.  lol  The first two shelves are reserved for some of my special authors that I love so much I put them up front but after those they are all in alphabetical order by author. 

All BooksAnd this is my wall of books.  Those first 2 bookshelves are the signed ones and the other two are all the books I need to get signed.  🙂  They are all in alphabetical order by author.

So now that you have seen my pritties lets find out the answers to my silly questions and most importantly let’s see who won!!  🙂

How many rolls of tape did we go through while packing?

We went through about 10 rolls of tape to pack everything.  I used a ton on my book boxes because I had to make sure they were secure!  lol

How late were the movers?

They were 2 hours late and no they didn’t offer a discount or an extra person to help load. 

How many hours did it take them total to load the truck?

It took them 4 hours to load the truck.  They arrived right at 11:00 AM.  The temp had dropped to about 30 degrees so the two of them were slowed down a bit by that and the stairs.  As a result it was almost 4:00 PM before I got on the road with Monkey and our 3 cats.  We got to our new home about 3:30 AM.  Riding in a car with 3 cats who never ever stopped meowing was not pleasant but we all survived.  😉 

So how many books are in here? 

According to my book app (yes I scan all my books into an app and indicate what is signed and what isn’t) I have 566 books.  I need more!!!!

How many of those boxes have signed books in them? 

15 of the boxes have signed books in them.  All of my books were very carefully packed taking into account the size and I used tissue paper to makes sure nothing moved around and was damaged.  Here’s a picture of just the boxes containing signed books.  Those boxes contain 283 books.  That is so not enough!  lol

Signed Books Boxes

How long did it take me to put all those books away? 

It took me about 6 hours total to unpack, organize, and put all of my babies in their appropriate places on their shelves.  Having my app really helps because I can upload my books into an Excel spreadsheet and sort it be signed vs not signed and then by author.  And yes I did just totally bust out my nerd there.  lol

So now who wants to know who won?!!!!  Ok ok I’ll tell you!  😉

Prize Pack #1 winner-Eva P. evita…

KittyKelly             US Only-One print book from my Smutty Shelf of Awesomeness and lots of swag

Sami Lee              eBook copy of Unforgettable Summer

Lexxie Couper   Winner’s choice of 2 eBooks from Lexxie’s backlist

Jodi Redford      Winner’s choice of 1 eBook from Jodi’s backlist including an ARC of Three Ways to Wicked

Cat Johnson       eBook copy of The Commander (Red, Hot, and Blue series)

Eden Bradley     eBook prize pack including Winter Solstice, Tempt Me Twice, and Breaking Sky

Mari Carr             $5 Amazon gift card

R.G. Alexander Winner’s choice of 1 eBook from R.G.’s backlist

Silence O’Shea  eBook copies of both U.K. Kink and U.K. Belles (She’s offering 2 sets of prizes!)

Randi Alexander    Winner’s choice of 1 eBook from Randi’s backlist

Prize Pack #2 winner Sebrina Cassity sebrina…

Ann Mayburn    Winner’s choice of 1 eBook from Ann’s backlist

Sidney Bristol     Winner’s choice of 1 eBook from Sidney’s backlist

Jess Dee              Winner’s choice of 2 eBooks of series firsts: More Than Friends, See You In My Dreams, A Touch of Confidence, Winter Fire, Island Idyll, Going All In, A Question of Trust, Photo Opportunity, or Only Tyler

Heather Long     Winner’s choice of 1 eBook copy from the Holiday Marines

Meg Benjamin  US Only-Print copy of Venus in Blue Jeans

S.K. Yule               eBook copies of both Lycan Lust and Lycan Vengeance

Cari Quinn           Winner’s coice of 1 eBook from Cari’s backlist

Carrie Ann Ryan         eBook copy of Shattered Emotions

Prize Pack #3 winner Wanda Miller flut…

Cristal Ryder       eBook copy of Hot Fusion

Zayne Michaels US ONLY-Super cool swag pack and an eBook copy of Blood Red

Kate Pearce        International-Print copy of The Sinner’s Club (doesn’t release until 12/31/13 you get it early!)

Stella Price          International-eBook copy of Eternal Echoes and an Octopus Shifter swag pack

Brandy Walker   International-Winner’s choice of 2 eBooks from Brandy’s backlist OR 1 print copy of either Craving More or Claiming More

Julie A Richman   Winner’s choice of 1 eBook copy of either Searching for Moore or Moore to Lose

Prize Pack #4 winner Teresa Wilson us…

Michelle Grey     eBook copy of Dangerous Ally

Amy Gregory     eBook copies of both Mike’s Way Back and Alex’s Destiny

Suzan Butler       Winner’s choice of 1 eBook from Suzan’s backlist

Rhian Cahill     Winner’s choice of 1 eBook from Rhian’s backlist

Jennifer Kacey  US Only-swag pack including a giant candy cane

Silence O’Shea   eBook copies of both U.K. Kink and U.K. Belles (She’s offering 2 sets of prizes!)

Winners-your information has been sent to the authors.  Please keep an eye out for your prizes!  Thank you to everyone for entering and thank you to everyone reading this.  I hope everyone has a wonderful end of the year celebrating however you choose to.


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