Review: How To Love Your Dragon

howtoloveyourdragon-200x329 How To Love Your Dragon by Lexxie Couper

4 out of 5 Licks

Fire Mate, Book Two

Yorick “Rick” Hayes takes only two things seriously—his work as a veterinarian and the seduction of lovely ladies. He’s unprepared for the lovely lady police officer who pulls him over for speeding, however. Inexplicable, overwhelming lust threatens to make him do something stupid—like try to seduce her on the side of the road. Throw in sudden flashes of past life memories and Rick is confused, monumentally horny and borderline obsessed with his sexy, no-nonsense cop.

For nearly half a century, Officer Kenna Mackay has denied her dragon side. Her twin sister was betrayed by her mate, and Kenna refuses to risk the same fate—until she makes eye contact with Rick. Her dragon awakens with a vengeance, the mating fire claiming both woman and beast. Hard. Hot. Unstoppable. And exquisitely arousing. The dragon wants her Fire Mate—now.

But history could repeat itself when that mate turns out to be a Druid; one who may have done something bad to dragon-kind in his past life. Something very, very bad indeed.

Holy hotness! No pun intended This was one very steamy read right of the bat. Extremely hot and very humorous.

Rick a self confessed player finds himself madly in lust with the cop, Kenna, that pulled him over for speeding. At risk of seriously throwing himself at her and having his way he speeds away leaving her no choice but to chase. She feels this undeniable connection too and its waking up her dragon. Which means only one thing. She found her fire mate.

The one person destined for her. Kenna’s been denying her dragon side for a long time and wants no part of this but she can’t fight this. She has no choice but to claim her mate.

I really love both the characters in this one. Rick is so much fun. He doesn’t take himself seriously and is just a really sweet guy. And Kenna is this strong female take no prisoners character. The banter and chemistry between the two is a lot of fun. The only times it got confusing was when Rick was remembering parts of his past life as a druid and was holding a conversation at the same time. It just got very jumbled there. But overall LOVED this! Very explosive read and fun read.

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  1. Great review, I’m adding this one on my list !

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