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Jace Jase by MJ Fields

3 out of 5 Licks

Book 1 in the Men of Steel series
Jase Steel is a twenty two year old hot tattooed and pierced bad boy who works at his family’s tattoo shop FOREVER STEEL with his brothers. His good looks will tempt anyone to walk on the wild side and that’s exactly where he wants to be. But his interest is immediately peeked when he meets Carly, his best friend’s cousin. And even though his friend will not approve, Jase can’t help himself. After tricking Carly to “fake date” him, he realizes that there is so much more to the beautiful girl, as the situations that surround Carly at all times are hysterical, yet heart warming.  Jase falls hard and fast for her, but some painful secrets from his past may keep him away until it’s too late.

I was confused when I first started this one. I felt like I missed the first part of the book or something. It starts off with Carly and Jase having already had some kind of summer fling and now he’s coming to visit her for a few days.  I did see after the fact that there was a prequel so I will have to read that and see if it helps. You can read this one without it but I wouldn’t recommend it. There were moments where things were mentioned or inside jokes that I didn’t understand. I could get the general idea but it was stuff that I never read about. 
The chemistry between the two was super hot! I loved their conversations. All the innuendo. They are just very fun people.  Jase comes off as very cocky and dominating but in a sexy way. Carly is just very sweet and funny. She made me laugh out loud with some of her inner conversations with herself. 
Overall I liked the story but there was a lot of back and forth with the relationship. Everything is going great and they both are falling in love with each other, then all of a sudden Jase has to leave and Carly is just a summer fling to him.  Then he wants her back then he doesn’t think it working. It was very confusing. A lot of time would have been saved if they would just talk to each other.  There were a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunication between them.  Also there was some problems with the plot. Certain parts were very confusing were I felt like I was missing part of the story.  It was still a fun fast read. I liked all the characters so I’m interested in reading the other brothers stories.
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  1. And the cover is nice ^^

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