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First off let me say a huge thank you to Kitty Kelly, for not only reviewing the Down & Dirty boxed set and inviting us to blog over at the Smutty Kitty, but also for being an awesome saucesome beta reader.


Kitty read Party Of Three long before it ever hit edit stage, and (as she always does with my work) she helped to improve the book. So…thank you, Kitty. (She knows I love and adore her.)


Party Of Three, my book in the Down & Dirty boxed set is the beginning of a whole new venture for me. For the first time, I’m dipping my feet in the world of self publishing. Yes – I do already have one self published short story out there – Visiting Paradise – but I put the book up on Amazon myself only after it had been at two different publishers, both of which had died nasty, horrible deaths.


Party Of Three, on the other hand, is the first book in a whole new series, called The Sunday Night Dinner Club – all of which will be self published from the get go. The series focuses on a group of friends who meet every three weeks for dinner. In this crazy world we live in, where work and family and commitments get in the way of catching up with friends, it gives the characters a way of ensuring they stay in touch regularly.


The novella centers around two heroes, Spencer and Levi. Though completely different (one’s an accountant , one’s an author) they’ve been best mates since early school days and know nothing could come between their friendship…until they fall for the same woman. And then suddenly, all bets are off – unless they’re willing to work out an interesting compromise.



Party Of Three: The blurb


Two men, one woman and a whole menu of opportunities.


Sunday Night Dinner Club, Book 1


When Spencer Allen arranges an impromptu date with Chelsea Holden, the beautiful restaurant owner he’s lusted after for months, he discovers an unexpected obstacle in his quest for true love—his best mate.


Levi Barret’s always been reluctant to give his heart to one woman, until Chelsea catches his attention. Now he’s finding it difficult to think of anyone else.


Levi’s interest in Chelsea could spell the end of a lifelong friendship…or the beginning of a whole new relationship.


Warning: Be sure to keep a safe distance from the oven. When things heat up in this kitchen, sparks are going to fly.


Party  Of Three: An short, sexy excerpt


Every time Spencer touched her, she seemed to rock her hips. It was like an impulse she couldn’t stop. But God help her, it felt so good she didn’t want to stop. Especially not with his erection wedged there, caressing her sensitive hole every time she rocked.

If only Levi had held her like this earlier. Naked and wedged against her.

“You feel so damn good, sweetheart.” He moved his hand around to her belly again, but this time, with no obstruction, he kept going, sliding it down until it covered her mound.

And there went the goose bumps again.

He traced a finger over her clit and the seam of her pussy lips before dragging it back up.

Chelsea gasped. Yes, this was what she wanted. All she wanted. From Spencer—and from Levi.

Levi! That was it. That was what she needed to tell him. And she tried. She did, but the second she opened her mouth, she lost her breath. Spencer set out again to touch her, slower this time, and when he reached her pussy lips, he slipped his fingertip inside.

Liquid heat spilled from her.

“So wet, babe. So damn sexy.”

Of course she was wet. She had Spencer’s hand on her pussy, and Levi’s kiss embedded in her memory. “Spencer, need to…tell you something.” She broadened her stance, giving him freer access.

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Happy reading.



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  1. Congratulations on the new book. I have mine on my kindle. I look forward to reading it. Thank you. I need to go read now.

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