Review: Deceived

deceived-cover-large-200x300 Deceived by Stella Barcelona

4 out of 5 Licks

Their destinies have been set in motion by their ancestors.

Taylor Marlowe Bartholomew carries three of the most notable names in New Orleans society. She hoped to forge her own path in the world as an Assistant District Attorney, but that dream is dying as obligations pull her into the family shipbuilding business. In Taylor’s final days in the DA’s office, she receives a murder assignment that could unravel her perception of reality.

Ghosts of the past shadow every step they take.

Brandon Morrissey is haunted by demons that force him to keep his life simple and detached. He pours all of his energy into his thriving legal practice, until, overnight, he becomes the single father of an infant. For the sake of his son’s future, Brandon searches for a killer and faces the truth about his family’s unfortunate past.

Together they have to find the truth…before it’s too late.

Someone is willing to kill to use the past for their own ends. Thrust together, Brandon and Taylor have different views of their families’ intersecting histories. As they confront a sea of uncertainty, one thing is sure…no one is safe until they discover where the truth lies.

I love changing up my regular reading schedule.  I don’t read a ton of romantic suspense but I love a good mystery!  Deceived was awesome!  I had a hunch about who the bad guy was and ultimately I was right but Stella did a great job keeping me on edge the whole time.  I loved history thrown into it too, it adds another layer to the book.  I’m a big nerd and loved school but history didn’t generally keep me interested very long.  Apparently all you had to do was throw in some mystery and sex and I’m all in!  lol  Sex was not the main focus of the book but it is thrown in there a few times.  Brandon and Taylor weren’t always the easiest pair to like but I couldn’t help but I couldn’t help but want to see them overcome the past and be together.  The book feel like it happens over a long time span but it is really only a few days.  I really enjoyed Stella’s writing and I’m looking forward to more.  I hope the next in the series comes soon and I’ve got my fingers crossed for a happy ending for Andi!

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