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Over the next few days some of the authors form the Three Times Lucky Anthology will be stopping by for a visit.  Everyone be nice and welcome them.  Make room on the couch and don’t lick or bite them…unless they ask of course! 😉  First up is Dorothy F. Shaw with a fun interview.  You’re welcome.  (If you’ve read the book you’ll get that joke lol)


If you’ve read my story, Playtime, included in Three Times Lucky boxed set of erotic ménage stories, then you may have noticed my dedication to a very important person in my life. Now, in order to protect the innocent, I’m not going to give any real names, or details, but the lucky hero in my story, “Dana”, was based on that very important person in my life. Over the last several years, this man has been a mentor, someone to look up to and respect, and at times, even the bane of my existence. But more importantly, he’s someone I consider a dear friend.

You see, it all started because… let’s just call him Dana, had been hounding me for a few months to put him in one of my books. The convo’s would go something along these lines:

Dana: “Put me in a book so I can kill someone!”

Me: “How about I put you in a book and then I kill you?”

Dana: “Wait, no. That wont work.”

And I would laugh and shake my head. Not going to happen. I mean seriously, I write erotic romance and erotica, and considering I don’t, and would never see him in “that” way, I couldn’t imagine putting him in a book. Plus, like many authors I have a list of books “to be written” and none of them have a slot where I could just slide a character based on him into. Also, as I mentioned, he’s a bit of a pain in my ass, and who wants to read a side character like that? Some people might, I suppose, but not me.

So onward we went… the daily grind and such, until I was invited to jump in the sandbox with four fantastic other authors and publish this erotic little anthology.

Hot damn, the light bulb went off! “Dana” was going to get his book—probably because he’d been annoying me that day or being helpful, take your pick. But really, a person should watch what they ask for, don’t you think? Yep, me too.

So, shall we take this great opportunity Kitty Kelly has offered and do an interview with “Dana”? Yes, I think we shall.


Tell me, what did you think when I first told you I was finally putting you in a book?

A: Simply put, I was flattered to be put in a book. After all, that’s a pretty selective, permanent event – even if you kill me off. As I thought about it more, I did get nervous because I know your books have flair. I had no idea how well you would capture the character and then embellish on it. After I read it, I was ok – you crushed it. 🙂


What did you think when you learned what the plot would be?

A: How could I not be a little bit excited? I wasn’t sure what it would be even after you described it to me. I’ve read it and I probably still don’t understand all of the nuances. I was sure your audience would love it and now I am sure. I have to say though, that even after you told me generally what the plot would be, I had no way of knowing what the details of the plot would be.


What went through your mind when you read the story?

A: Is this really me? Ugh. I need to be more self-aware. Haha. Then I thought, “How cool is it to be in a book… wait a minute… what is Dorothy doing to me? Nah, this isn’t me.” All sorts of thoughts went through my mind. At the end of it all, I was still just smiling. I can’t wait to see what the three will do next.


Do you think I captured your personality well?

A: I will have to leave that to you to decide. I think there are elements of me, elements of what people think executives are and elements of fiction for the story.


Can you elaborate on “You’re welcome”?

A: That’s a simple one. It’s half joke and half serious. I grew up in a reasonably proper house where we said thank you, please, you’re welcome, etc. because people deserve to be treated with politeness and respect. Parts of our society are so starved for manners and have a sense of entitlement. I do my best to always use the manners I was taught. I am not sure most people today have any sense of them. So, when I had a friend who never said thank you for favors, I politely reminded her by saying you’re welcome once or twice. Now, it has turned into a funny thing. Wouldn’t life be so much better if we were polite to each other?


What was your favorite part of the book?

A: LOL. Oh gosh, I don’t know if I can or want to answer that. Let me think. I’d have to say that being turned into a vampire was my favorite. Doesn’t the conversation of “if you could have a super power, what would it be?” come up in every house around the holidays? My super power switches between being a vampire and being invisible. Dorothy – You have to add invisibility somehow in book 2.


Which of the girls was your favorite, Kyra or RayAnne, and why?

A: Kyra by far… she was polite. Ray Anne needs a good slap from her mama!


Did you like the ending?

A: The very end, yes… the part before the end – no. When readers read the story they’ll see why. Kyra and RayAnne’s observations of what he likes are probably not correct.


Do you want me to write you into another story? I mean, now that “Dana” is a vampire and obviously has two women by his side, should I continue the story? “The adventures of Dana, Kyra and RayAnne,” maybe?

A: Another story is inevitable. How could the adventures of the trio not continue? I see an episode including a stylized DKR (Dana, Kyra, RayAnne) tattoo coming. Something tells me that tattoos would be acceptable to you, Dorothy. Once others find out about the trio, I am sure that a cult following would start in the general public and in the private world.


Any last comments?

A: On a serious note, I think this story is the beginning of something big for you and your readers. You’re welcome for that.


So, as you can see, the “you’re welcome,” comments continue. I don’t think I’ll get away from them. Honestly, I hope I don’t.

I had a blast writing this little short. I had an even bigger blast teasing “Dana” about the story as I went along. Throughout the writing process I’d send him text messages with little snippets—just to torture him a little and then add, “you’re welcome,” to the end of the message.

Maybe there’s a little bit of RayAnne in me? Hmmm.


~ ~ ~

I hope you enjoyed the interview. I definitely had fun conducting it.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Three Times Lucky, and read Playtime and the other ménage shorts too, you are missing out!

It’s only 99 pennies and worth every one…

Buy it from Amazon

High-powered executive, Dana Richards can’t seem to get enough of his favorite exotic dancers at the Red Panther Gentleman’s Club. RayAnne and Kyra are the feature act; putting on a vampire performance you can sink your teeth into–complete with fangs, and the sexual lure only a creature of the night can offer. But when Kyra makes Dana a proposition he can’t refuse, some intimate playtime, the arrogant executive gets more than he bargained for: The sex of his life. Plus two, undeniably real vampires.


Dorothy F. Shaw lives in Arizona, where the weather is hot and the sunsets are always beautiful. She spends her days in the corporate world, and her nights with her Mac on her lap. Between her ever-open heart, her bright red hair and her many colorful tattoos, she truly lives and loves in Technicolor!

As Dorothy sees it, the journey is the best part.

Dorothy’s co-written debut novella, about a former pro-bowler, Spare Hearts is published by Grand Central and can be found via all major e-sellers. Dorothy welcomes emails at: and can also be found on:

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  1. Thanks so much, my dearest Kitty, for hosting the interview. I did have a blast, and reading it now, this answer from him makes me laugh out loud… again: “Once others find out about the trio, I am sure that a cult following would start in the general public and in the private world.”

    Could you imagine? LOL
    Thanks again!

  2. That’s my girl, this my scene. We got dub sonata on the tracks, we got four other authors kicking it hard! Rock it, babe!

  3. Love the interview, Dorothy! It’s fun.

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