Three Times Lucky Guest Author Solera Winters

Bringing the Greek Gods to Life

Why do I feature characters that are based in myth?

First, I love the ancient stories. I love researching them and discovering characters that I’d never heard about. Some of my characters are relatively well known, Persephone and Hades are the main characters in my full-length novel, Journey to the UnderWorld, for example.

Next, they are fun. Because the mythological gods are full of such human traits, they are approachable in ways deities often aren’t. I like putting them in different situations and see what they’ll do.

In the story included in Three Times Lucky, I purposefully chose gods that were relatively unknown and don’t have myths of their own, but may be mentioned in other myths. Nyx, the goddess of night, and Erebus the god of darkness were married in the myths and they had several children. That’s as far as the information I could gather went. So I had my initial pair, but I needed a third for the ménage set up, so I chose Morpheus who admittedly has a bit more to him than the others. The god of dreams seemed the perfect addition to Nyx and Erebus for a threesome. He’s a bit mischievous and fun which added the spark that my couple needed in their relationship.

From there I let my imagination fly—and fly it did to far off worlds where the gods might go on holiday or for an escape.

Finally, the gods are sexy. More and more I discover as I research that so many of the ancient cultures revered the element of procreation and celebrated it. Sex was not hidden, but accepted as a vibrant necessary part of the human experience. Their rituals took this into account.

What perfect way to bring them back to life than in sexy, fun stories?


EXCERPT From Darkest Dreams, in Three Times Lucky Box Set

Silently, while cloaking his presence, Reve slipped inside the cave and waved the dream scarf over them. They yawned, and their eyes glazed. The torchlight illuminated their smooth skin, skimming each contour, Kiernan’s hard muscles and Nyx’s soft curves. They presented a picture the god of dreams had only imagined in the darkest nights. So long he had wished for the opportunity, and at last he’d found it. While a twinge of guilt fluttered through his mind, he justified his actions. After all, if he’d let them continue their discussion, they’d only end up arguing. Zeus’s instructions were clear. He wanted them back on earth performing their nightly duties. A quarrel between the gods would never allow that to happen, not after Nyx had gone missing.

Reve’s attentions might offer exactly the distraction the two needed as they re-accustomed themselves to one another. He floated through the cave, taking time to admire both gods. In their current dream-state, their expressions relaxed and the desire they shared returned to the surface. Before Reve could take a breath, Nyx and Kiernan embraced, sliding their hands over one another’s bodies. Their passion became even more apparent when they let their guard down. This was how he envisioned them. Heat sparked in his loins. Her lengthy midnight blue locks and Kiernan’s long black hair flowed over them in a subtle game of hide and seek, covering a shoulder here and a breast there before each god lifted their hands to brush back the strands of the other. Reve hovered over them, waiting for just the right moment to reveal his presence.

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While Nyx loves her husband,Kiernan, she knows something is missing. When sexy Reve comes on the scene will it split them apart, or create more passion than they’ve ever known? In’Darkest Dreams,’ Solera Winters presents a ménage tale about the Greek gods of night, darkness and dreams.


From the time Solera learned to read, she’s possessed a colorful imagination and the desire to live life to the fullest. In childhood she began penning her take off of Nancy Drew mysteries then graduated to sneaking her mother’s romance novels to expand her visions of what is possible. This fueled a wanderlust not only for faraway destinations, but for varied adventures.

She has experienced places as varied as Taos to Taiwan and traveled the world from the Scottish highlands searching for Jamie from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander to the California gold rush fields looking for Gavin from Celeste DeBlasis’The Proud Breed, both of whom eluded her.

Instead, she found her perfect hero. Solera shares life with her one and only love who keeps both her imagination and reality diverse and invigorating.

She began writing as a portal to reminisce about her past experiences, as well as create visions of fantasies she still wants to enjoy. Her erotic stories and poems can be found in several publications.

When she is not writing, she finds Las Vegas to be a wonderful combination of illusion and reality. From sauntering along the Strip in search of inspirational characters to populate her erotic romance novels, to reveling in the endless entertainment opportunities in Sin City, Solera delights in living her dream.

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