Review: Betting on Fate

bof_1600 Betting on Fate by Katee Robert

3 out of 5 Licks

This time, all bets are off . . .

Penelope Carson loves to steal clients from Will Reaver. Yet something in her business nemesis’s icy blue eyes makes Penelope…nervous. It certainly doesn’t help that the man is the living embodiment of a Norse god. A controlled, powerful Norse god. Which she really should have remembered before she made a bet with him—because losing means becoming Will’s personal submissive for a week.

There’s nothing Will would like more than to have Penelope kneeling before him in complicit submission, her fiery dark eyes inviting him in. Challenging him. But their bet takes Will and Penelope deeper than either of them have ever been. Where control is an illusion, and boundaries are pushed aside. And where hearts become the stakes in a game that neither Dominant nor submissive can win…

Perhaps I was a little too eager for this one after starting Mistaken by Fate because it fell into the just ok category for me.  I by no means hated the book, but it didn’t grab me and not let go either.  I found Will to be very hard to like.  As a Dom he didn’t give off the caring vibe I was looking for.  It popped up every now and then, but it seemed like most of the time he was just a hard ass with not much in the redeeming quality bucket.  While there are certainly BDSM elements in the book it wasn’t really the main focus of the book.  It was mostly the internal struggles each character was having with the building relationship between them.  Overall I did enjoy this one and I did want Will and Penelope to find some way to live happily together.  For me Garrett was the more interesting brother-he even stole the show when he popped into this book. I am very excited for Sara’s story.  I can’t wait to see the man who ties her down!     

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