Review: Twice As Daring

TAD_coverREVLogo1-682x1024 Twice As Daring by Sami Lee

4 out of 5 Licks

Publicist Abby Lehman likes her job—until she finds herself working as a glorified babysitter for cocky-as-the-devil NFL star Sam Cormack. Sam is unpredictable, unruly, impossible—and also impossibly sexy. It has taken all Abby’s willpower to keep from throwing herself at him like one of his groupies. When her boss insists she accompany Sam to a black tie restaurant opening, things heat up even further. And when she finds out Sam has also been lusting after her she throws caution to the wind and indulges in a hot tryst with him that threatens her career as well as her heart.

Sam knows he screwed up with Abby and curses his impulsive nature. Making love to her was something he’d wanted for a long time, but he should have taken things slower with her, made sure they got to know each other. Now she thinks he only wants her for sex, just when Sam’s realizing she’s the first woman to make him want the real deal in a long time.

Can he make her believe he’s ready to put his playboy days behind him and start something real with his Miss Right?

Sam is mad that he was given a babysitter.  So he made a few crazy, not so good choices doesn’t mean he has to be watched all the time.  The relationship between these two is strained at best.  But when she is forced to go to a formal function Sam decides to take a chance to see if she really hates him as much as she says.  Abby can’t believe that Sam had the nerve to send her such a skimpy dress after she said no, but that doesn’t stop her from wearing it.  The dress seems to be the changing factor for both of them.  After they have some naked time they both take a step back, but that doesn’t even last a day.  I saw what was coming a mile away, but it didn’t matter.  I wasn’t expecting the final reaction though so that surprised me.  I’m surprised at how natural their relationship felt even though it moved so fast.  It may be a novella, but you will feel like you’ve read a much longer book.  I really enjoyed this book.  It is a fun read that will have you laughing out loud.  Sami’s characters say the funniest things.  The Aussie sayings are the absolute best! I mean seriously: “Holy snappin’ duck shit” who says that?  lol  

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