Review: Black Gold

Black Gold Black Gold by Vivian Arend

4 out of 5 Licks

Takhini Wolves, Book 1

Their wolves are howling at the moon. Their human halves are on different planets.

Lone wolf Shaun Stevens’s automatic response to the words “happily ever after”?Kill me now. Yet with all his friends settling down he’s begun to think there may actually be something to this love-and-roses crap.

One thing’s for sure: his dream mate will have to out-cuss, out-spit and out-hike him. So he never expected the one to push his forever button would be a blue-blooded Southern debutante with a voice as dark and velvety as her skin.

When Gemmita Jacobs steps off the plane in Whitehorse, Yukon, it’s about more than her caribou research project. It’s her declaration of independence from an overprotected upbringing. Except there’s something in the air she can’t quite define—something that unexpectedly rouses her mating instincts.

Moments after their eyes lock, the deed is done—and done thoroughly. When the pheromone dust settles, though, all the reasons they don’t belong together become painfully clear.

It’s enough to make a wolf learn a whole new set of cuss words…

Warning: Two strong wolves getting exactly what they deserve. Includes wilderness nookie, shifters being naughty in public places, the Midnight Sun as a canopy for seduction and grizzly shifters on the loose. Oh, and don’t forget the sarcasm.

Man I love Vivian Arend and I love paranormal books!  What’s not to love about paranormal?  You get to completely suspend reality and literally anything can happen.  And when it comes to authors who write paranormal Vivian Arend is second to none.  She has this way of kidnapping me and throwing me into a story before I even know what’s happening.  lol  I always love coming back to Vivian because she never disappoints.  I always know I’m going to get a great story with lots of fun, laughter, and some smoking hot sex.  Gem and Shaun dive right into mate territory, but she puts the brakes on it almost immediately once he starts talking about her moving up north.  She is determined to prove she can manage on her own.  I loved these two both in human and wolf form.  They were so much fun and I was never really sure where they were going to go.  Gem is pretty moody and it was hard to tell if she was going to be nice or pissy with Shaun at any given moment.  Shaun wasn’t perfect either though.  He shoved his foot into his mouth multiple times but he was really trying hard.  I really loved Evan and Caroline too.  They added a great amount of fun and sexual tension to the book too.  I felt like the ending fizzled out just a bit for me, but overall I really enjoyed this start to a new series.  I’m anxious to see what happens with Evan in the future and I hope to see more of Gem and Shaun in the future books as well.            

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